Monday, June 22, 2009

Beauty Binge: Rock-star blushers

I swear, these blushers should be inducted into the Hall Of Fame! Any Hall of Fame!

Actually they already are, as many beauty editors and experts have hailed CoverGirl Cheekers Blush worthy of winning many Best of Beauty Awards for numerous beauty magazines, so it's no wonder - these blushers rock!!

CoverGirl Cheekers Blush. Pure love!

Cover Girl
was once sold in Malaysia and when th
ey pulled out over a decade ago, I wanted to scream bloody murder!! Their liquid foundation was my holy grail (HG) foundation at the time (can't remember which one - triangle-ish bottle) but I moved on eventually to bigger and better (and more expensive!!) things.

I got re-acquainted with CoverGirl (CG) last year on my trip back to visit the in-laws in Sydney, and came home with a few CG products, one being their rock-star mascara Volume Exact (why are cosmetic stuff -or anything for that matter - so ridiculously expensive in Oz?? Sheeesh!).

CG has some gems in their collection if you care to give it a chance. They are very affordable and very pigmented. I started out with one blush and now I have 3!! Ugly, cheapo packaging though, but I've never been attracted to a product from its packaging. It's what inside that counts. Also, CG products have this unattractive scent to their stuff. Almost factory-chemical like, very CoverGirl! Some people are sensitive to scents, but this doesn't bother me at all. Once I have it on my cheeks, the smell goes away. The blushers have a kind of sheen to them; not quite matte, but not shimmery either. I prefer this kind of texture as shimmery products make me look greasy!

This was my first CG Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink. It's really a toned-down bronzer. This shade blends in really well with my tanned NC40-42 skin. I use this to contour my face and it works really, really well! No streaks, no blotches. By far my favourite contouring shade! A real winner!!

I got this one because I wanted a plum-ish blusher. I was on a plum kick and this blush is called Plumberry Glow, so I thought I've found the purrr-fect plum shade! Well, this shade turned out to be more of a dark pink shade than plum. It's very pigmented, very beautiful, this gives me a healthy look almost instantly.

My newest CG Cheekers Blush - Pretty Peach. I am still on a look-out for a peach blush with no shimmer (not entirely matte though). When I first got this, it looked a bit paler than what I expected. This is more of a peachy pink shade, and honestly I was a little disappointed. But then I took it on a test-drive and was amazed at how the colour came off against my skin! Granted it's still not true peach, but nevertheless it came off beautiful. It has a subtle pink undertone and I now find myself reaching for this blush more!!

In my eyes, these blushers can do no wrong! I'm not big on blushers, but these babies rock my world!
Rock-star status!! Plumberry Glow. Pretty Peach. Golden Pink.

Have a rockin' day everyone!