Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beauty Binge: HiP happiness!

Bright. Colourful. Intense. I was sold. From the very beginning I laid eyes on these bad boys, I knew I had to own a few, if not all! The drawback(s): they are not available in Malaysia. They are from L'oreal = EXPENSIVE.

I generally am not a big fan of L'oreal products. Be it their hair products, skin care, or make-up. For a brand that claims to be a
drugstore brand, they are downright overpriced. In Malaysia, the prices are overpriced, twice over! So whenever possible, I avoid buying L'oreal products.

But these HiP shadow duos are TO DIE FOR!! I was dismayed at the price though ... when I first started going on a HiP-kick, they were selling for $6.99 a piece on, $7 on These days, they are for $7.99! All the HiP duos I own are bought on BOGO, mostly from The ones I have were collected slowly over a year. I save a little that way, and still got to feed my HiP fetish. I have now pretty much collected all the colours I craved for, except for a couple more which I'm debating whether it's worth splurging my money on. 8 bucks for one eye shadow pan?? But there are still one or two more duos that I'm itching to get my hands on ...

HiP is short for High Intensity Pigments, and they are intense in every sense of the word. I *love* them!! There are 3 collections from the HiP duos : Bright Shadow Duo; Concentrated Shadow Duo and the Metal
lic Shadow Duo.

I honestly don't see the difference between the bright and the concentrated duos. They are also called the 'regulars'. With these, it's a hit or miss. Some duos have awesome colour pay-offs, some are blah. More often than not, you'll find at least one of the colour in the pan that lives up to its name. So you'll end up using just one side from one duo and maybe another colour from another duo. Some colours are easy to work with, very silky and creamy, and easy to blend; some are a b!tch to blend! Some look bright in the pan, but comes out sheer; some are very, very pigmented. With the regulars, it's trial and error.

The Metallic duos are the latest addition to this line. There are only 5 shades and ALL of them are pigmented beyond belief!! You don't need to dig your brush in to get the colour out, all you need is one swipe. They are also oh-so-silky!! Sometimes, I even think these are too pigmented even for night time!! The shimmers that make them metallic are quite fine so you can be rest assured you won't get chunky glitters hanging off your eye lids!!

If you love bright metallic shadows and are wondering which to get, I recommend to get the Metallics. They'll blow your mind, I promise you!!

Even if you don't plan to use them, just looking at them will brighten up your day! The colours are simply gorgeoussssssssssss

Out of what I have slowly collected over the year, here are my favourites:

Just so you have an idea of how amazingly bright and colourful these bad boys are:

These were my first 2 HiPs which started the HiP craze..

Flamboyant. (the purple side sucks!)

The Metallics:
Platinum, my least favourite - too bright!

Sculpted - my favourite!

The 'regulars' :



Puss is positively HiP-happy!!