Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beauty Binge : The "last" haul

I was not as enthusiastic about this lot as I was with all my other purchases. I bought these at different times, somewhere between July and August. I've not bought one single cosmetic product since! Overtime, things change, priorities change and makeup seemed unimportant anymore. Before the hormones took over, whenever I received a package, I'd rip it open. With these, I threw them on the table and left them unopened for weeks! When I finally did, I had almost forgotten what I had bought!!

I remember wanting that Ecotools foundation brush so badly (because I was bitten by the Ecotools-bug) but when I got it, I was like, "mehhh..." I didn't take it out from its packaging for weeks and it was left on my vanity table collecting dust. Same went for the ELF Studio products. As you can see, they're still intact in their packaging.

I've only tried the
Everyday Minerals sample stuff I bought. I got "Buttered Tan" foundation in semi matte, matte, and intensive since that shade fits like a glove. I liked the blush in Game Show a pretty red-mauvey shade, and "Pearl Pick me up" is great as a highlighter. I went on a limp and ordered a sample of "in the garden" a mineral taupe-brownish eyeshadow shade. Very pretty and very unique but as it is, eyeshadows with me have fallen off my radar! So I have yet to try it. This is also my first mineral eyeshadow and I am somewhat curious how it applies.

As you can see, I have a lot of stuff to play with and review. Make sure you check back in for those, k.

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Buzz: Stork Story

It seemed like a gazillion years since I wrote anything, but looking back, it hasn't been that long has it?? OK, yes it has. To say that I've been wrapped up with things and issues is an understatement.

Truth is, the Stork came a-knockin'...

Seeing that I am 16 weeks today (4 months for those of us too lazy to do the Math), I am well into my 2nd trimester, and am having a stable and healthy pregnancy, God willing. Yes, Puss got knocked up at the ripe ol' age of 38!! This is my first, and my Husband J and I were initially surprised, but immensely thrilled!

I've been quite fortunate - my early pregnancy symptoms were very mild. A little bit of aches and pains (although at the time they hit me it didn't feel so 'mild'!), a lot of napping and a little nausea to seal the deal. Now at 4 months, the out-of-control hormones have pretty much settled down, and I am finally beginning to enjoy my pregnancy.

These past couple of weeks, I've had to put up with toothache (and you know how miserable those can be!), which I found out was due to lack of calcium, despite taking calcium pills. My bub was sucking out calcium from me and I immediately had to go out to buy a tin of milk for pregnant mums. I h.a.t.e milk. I love cheese but they make me bloat like a mutha, so I had to suck it up, and drink milk. Thank Goodness the one I bought had a bit of flavour so it wasn't a chore chugging a glass down. The toothache issue has improved and I am waiting with abated breath the next big annoying thing to hit me!
At 4 months, I have just started to feel the weight of my belly. I'm also starting to show which I find so amusing! Not too long ago, I would freak if I see a little bump! I'd adjust my diet and work out like mad at the gym! These days, my bump is what makes me smile. My friends tell me I don't look like I'm showing much which I'm glad. I just hope I don't get so big later on. My wardrobe has also changed. No more skinny jeans. Seems trivial but I miss putting on my skinnies and heels!! I am soooo hating my wardrobe right now! *sulk*

Speaking of working out, that has been put on hold ever since I found out 2 months ago. My life without exercise has been one. big. laze-about! I feel sooooo sloooow and I can't wait to get back to the gym. My trainer Ela has equipped himself with information on pregnancy exercise programmes so when I go back I can enjoy a safe and effective workout. I can't wait!! That will happen only after my Phuket trip next weekend! (Yay for holidays!)

Makeup-wise, I am starting slowly to have makeup on again. You wouldn't believe it, but during the 1st trimester when body wasn't feeling so great, I looked like a train-wreck wherever I went, and I didn't care!! No makeup, no lip balm, nothing. You hear stories on how some pregnant women would have strange sickness. Well, mine was makeup! I would feel sick looking at my cosmetic stash, even looking at anything beauty related! So for a few weeks, I had no beauty mags, no beauty blogs, no YouTube beauty videos and definitely no makeup of my own! Thank Gawd that passed!! These days, I stick with my minerals and nothing elaborate: mineral foundie, concealer, tightline, mascara, blush and lipblam. No eyeshadows yet. Gotta start slow. The colours are not calling out my name yet, but it'll come. My skin has improved as well (Darn those pregnancy hormones!) so I look and feel better. Friends say now I have that "glow" many people talk about with pregnant women (though I don't notice it!).

So this is my story. Not that I have sworn off makeup (touch wooooood!), but the universe had other plans for me. I am grateful for this blessing, despite constantly grumbling about my fugly wardrobe (!!!). I just pray this will continue to be a normal and healthy pregnancy.

Thank you for still wanting to read this. Makeup reviews will resume (albeit infrequently - blame those unpredictable pregnancy hormones!!).


Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've lost that lovin' feelin'.

It seems like forever since I last updated this blog, but guess what? I still have nothing for you!

No. I lie.

I do. I received 3 small packages of makeup goodies some weeks ago but here's the thing: I haven't tried or even opened some of 'em from their packaging! These days, whenever I look at my makeup, I feel like throwing up.

I haven't been using much makeup either. I think I've lost that lovin' feeli


Hopefully it's temporary.

Lemme look for that makeup-obssessed chic, she's in there somewhere!

Thanks for bearing with me!