Sunday, June 29, 2008

Exorcism of the iPod Shuffle

june 29, 08 sunday
I SWEAR...!!!

I've had to struggle trying to understand why my little 1 GB iPod refused to cooperate. It worked fine the last 100 times I updated it, then suddenly it stopped cooperating. It made my laptop do funny 'ting tong' noises and kept coming up with the massage saying it couldn't locate the newly downloaded songs.


I stayed up past midnight last night trying to figure out what went wrong. Finally I turned to the self-proclaimed tech-maestro, husband J. He googled the problem and taa daa! Miraculously, it worked again! We had to reset my iPod (basically deleted all 100+ songs in it) and re-copied everything from the existing stuff to the recently added songs. We plugged the dock into another USB socket and voila! It worked! No hiccups! No frustrating messages! It bloody worked!!

It proved a sore point with me. sigh. Husband J was right - the answers are a Google away. And that I am a tech-idiot. A tech-phobe. I hate technology. It's supposed to make your life easier, not frustrate you! So explain last night iPod drama to me!!

I might as well move to Pennsylvania and be an Amish. They don't believe in modern technology. They think it's evil. is evil. Eeeeeviiiill! And I swear, my iPod was possessed last night.

So now I have well over 160 songs in there as I just added a couple more songs from Cd's this afternoon. It worked fine. Honestly, I am done with loading more songs into my iPod. Because one more tantrum from it, I'll probably toss it in the bin!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


june 28, 08 saturday
I am ecstatic! I just got in contact with an old classmate!!

Well, he actually found me...through Facebook (FB). This dude, whom I fondly called 'Don' (his surname) was my bench mate for the longest time. We sat next to each other during Primary 4 when he frequently used his ball pen to poke my arm and made marks on my white school shirt, and punched my shoulders (no kidding!). I was a bit of a girly girl at 10 years old so I didn't retaliate. We were bench mates again during Primary 6. By this time, I had turned into a tomboy so it was my turn to beat him up!! Ha ha!

Don was like any other 12 year-old: scrawny, with big eyes and the Beatle haircut. We got along, like as if we had a choice. He'd pull a prank every once in a while, and I'd punch him when his pranks worked. It was that sort of relationship. My Gawd! That brought a smile to my face!!

We went our separate ways after Primary school, and I never heard from him since. Until today!!

It's so cool how everyone is slowly re-connecting!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The odd couple

june 24, 08 tuesday
I just mopped the floor full of cat piss. Yes, you read it right. Cat piss. It was like a pool of vile smelling urine. I suspect it's Raisa's doing. Not because she's senile, but the big fat hairy one is hogging the bathroom.

That corner must have been Raisa's litter box for awhile, because there's no way that amount of piss can come out from a small feline. The worst part was there were plastic bags and boxes, and radio/VCR players that didn't work piled up at that corner. Which explains, the smell, but not being able to locate the source. I was appalled to find a gross pool of piss when I removed the stuff from that corner. I threw away the players, boxes and plastic bags, and had to mop with Clorox. Over and over again. Yech!

I don't understand Mok, the big fat hairy one. These past 2-3 weeks, he's been hiding in the corner wedged at the foot of the toilet bowl, in the bathroom where the cats eat and use the litter box. Raisa, who has been living with Mok since he was born 12 years ago, is terrified of him. She won't even be in the same room as Mok. So when Mok has decided to make that corner of the bathroom his crib, she refuses to go in anymore to eat, craps on the floor and pisses at some corner.

Mok has also been eating up a storm. Usually, he eats little but goes back to his bowl often. These days, his bowl is almost always empty, which is a surprise. He is a bit more vocal too and has somewhat lost his fondness for staying outdoors. He's still as lovable but his change in temper and more importantly, his place to sleep, is a bit alarming.

Should I take him to the vet?? He is after all, 12 years old. I'm thinking, he's coming to the end of his life?? Which is why he's behaving this way? Or is he just being moody? Some days it's good, some days, I just don't understand him. Maybe he's depressed. Maybe he's bored. But a good belly rub can solve all that, right? I hope he snaps out of it, and find another place to sleep!! It's the only way for Raisa to not crap and piss on the floor.

The odd couple: Raisa and Mok

Saturday, June 21, 2008


june 21, 08 saturday

That's a big number. But, it doesn't bother me so much...until someone makes a big deal out of it. I can't believe I'm already celebrating another birthday. How quick the year(s) flew! It's like you can't get older quicker. It's almost absurd.

When I was younger, birthdays are the one day I looked forward to. Well, you're young, you can't wait to have another birthday to be older.

These days, I dread birthdays. The early 30's was fun. However, the Late 30's, totally another story!

Although I have to say, at this age, I have never felt better, leaner, healthier, stronger and more confident. I've never felt younger too! And I think I age well....yes?? Thank God for the workouts at the gym. I think I'd be feeling my age if I didn't change my lifestyle!

Husband J was kind enough to replenish my expensive skincare supply. Trust me, I've tried changing to cheaper brands. I ended up with dull skin and pimples. So back to my trusted and beloved SKII. The products J got me were intended as my birthday present. That was really sweet of him.
Goodies from husband J: SKII galore! Enough to keep me going with great skin for
another 6 months!
This morning I received flowers from mom. Auwwwww!! So sweet!!

From mom: beautiful bouquet of roses!

For dinner, J brought me to Genji, the Japanese restaurant at Hilton PJ. It was my idea actually. It's been like yonks since I last went, and I remember Genji fondly. They served fantastic Japanese cuisine. A tad bit pricey than usual, but certainly worth it.

We had reservation for 8.30pm, and when we arrived the place was buzzing. Screaming kids. People walking all over the place. Unmade tables. What the hell is going on?? Wasn't Genji supposed to be exclusive, classy and quiet?? No ala carte, we were told. No ala carte?? Only buffet. *eyes rolling* OK. Whatever. Walked around. The spread was nothing to shout about. The food was good, but not as fantastic as I remembered it to be. I was disappointed. I apologised profusely to husband J. He didn't look like he was enjoying himself either. I felt bad.

After paying for dinner, we went to the newly-renovated Uncle Chili's. Nice. Not as sleazy like the last time I went some 4-5 years ago. We hung around for less than an hour, and off we trotted home.

So there you go.

Happy 37th to me.

Friday, June 20, 2008


june 20, 08 friday

No point telling me. I'm not working. I have no income. So what do I buy stuff with? My good looks??

Right-o. I wish!

It's sales time. And late last night, I received an sms from the sister: "MNG sale!"

Ahh. Well. It didn't hurt so much, because at this ripe-old age of my late 30's, MNG seems a little too tacky for me these days.

However, in 2 weeks, Zara will be on sale. Now that's a different story!!

I heart Zara. I binge on Zara. They have amazing clothes and shoes. And I love their jeans from their TRF line. They hug my non-existence hips and fat legs so well, and they are miiiighty comfortable!

I so heart Zara!

When they have their sales, and I won't be able to enjoy it, that will hurt, no doubt. It's the price I was willing to pay (or give up in this case!) when I so stubbornly wanted to leave my job. Yeah. What to do. It's a done deal. Plus, I have heaaaaaps of Zara in my cupboard. Tonnes! So maybe it's a good thing because I am seriously running out of space.




Who am I kidding?? You can never have too much of Zara TRF jeans. And t-shirts. And blouses. And shoes. But really, I have too many of the same things. It's time to change, I guess. It's time to just watch from the sidelines.

Oh! My bleeding heart!

Now where's my blinking tissue??


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Occupation: Housewife

june 18, 08 wednesday
I never thought in a million years I'd give myself that title. I always thought I'd be working for the rest of my life. Of course the idea is to work after a short break, but for now, it seems I'm stuck with 'housewife'...


I'd like to call myself a 'taitai', but husband J insists he doesn't have that much money. Me thinks he's just being tight... ;) eheh

Anyway, today is my first day at home, full-time!! Yesterday, at the office, I've done the running around to get all the signatures I needed for HR, (wasn't as cumbersome as I thought it would be, plus had a little help from the hubs), went for an exit interview with a star-struck HR official (!!!), submitted my med card and the like, hugged and kissed colleagues and off I went!

I had mixed emotions a couple of days ago, but yesterday, I felt a huge burden being lifted off. I am free. Broke, but free!

So here I am, at home, trying to make sense of what to do to kill my time at home.

Got up same time as husband J, at 7.45am.

Cleaned up the cats, fed them.

Water the garden.

Rake the leaves at the bottom of the house.

Sweep the garden.

Sweep the garage.



Oh yeah, have breakfast.


Go to the gym...

Occasionally, do groceries shopping.


This is my life??

It's better than work anytime, but really! I need to find something to do...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shepard's Pie? Cottage Pie?

june 15, 08 sunday
Husband J said if it's with minced lamb it's shepard's pie. If it's with minced beef, it's cottage pie.


I made...I guess we call it, cottage pie, this weekend. I had use minced lamb before this and I didn't actually like the taste so much, so this time I went back to using minced beef.
Cottage pie fresh from the oven

It's quite easy to make. This time the meat and the sauce were not so 'wet', as I had it on the stove a tad longer than usual.


Can't wait to try more dishes!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Closing a huge chapter

june 14, 08 saturday
The time has finally arrived. Actually it came and went. Yesterday was my last day on-air. It was bitter sweet, but I held back from tearing up. The team did a montage of each of them saying what they would miss about me, which took me by surprise. It was like a greeting card on-air, and it was lovely. It was only at the end of the show did we announce it was my last day, and I didn't stay around to take the calls that were flooding in to say "good bye" to me.

The response overwhelmed me a bit. I spent the entire afternoon chatting with fans on Facebook, and replying to messages from shocked friends and fans. But I know, I will be a faceless nobody in less than a month. So I am soaking in all this "buzz" at the moment.

My last 'physical' day at work is this Tuesday. I need to run around to get 15 signatures from people in departments I didn't know existed. The thought tires me. I also need to sort out the kerfuffle with my review bonus. For some reason that has turned into something else altogether, and it started out as just as an administrative error. It is very frustrating! p

Other than that, it still hasn't kicked in yet, the fact I have resigned, and for the first time in my 13-year career span, I am not financially independent anymore. That thought makes me a little nervous.

I still haven't decided what I am going to do. I had so many plans before I quit, but now, all I want to do is lay in bed and go to the gym, and lay in bed! I hope I'll figure it out soon.

But what got me yesterday was when husband J who took me out for a 'celebration', told me he is proud of me. I know he struggles with the fact I have resigned and that he's the sole breadwinner now. So for him to tell me he's proud of me is priceless. Y

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Connecting the dots

june 12, 08 thursday
Not too long ago I was adamant about not joining the Facebook (FB) community. Somewhere down the line I changed my tune and signed up. Then I was consumed. It was FB first thing in the morning, even before coffee, FB in the mid-day, FB before and after lunch, FB at tea, FB at dawn, FB before I retire for the day. I slept, ate and breathe FB. Then I got bored. I wasn't really into sending cupcakes, or flowers, or giving a wet willie to my friends. My list grew. Honestly, I have more fans wanting to be in my list then I do real friends. I was this close to deleting my profile, because after awhile all I ever did was deleting stupid, repetitive posts.

I stopped myself though. My friend, Ain, told me she keeps her FB account for networking, to keep in touch with friends, some of whom she's not seen since school days. Ever since FB, she's re-connected with more old friends and this keeps her in the loop. That made me think (gasp!). I may not have very many friends in my list, but what FB has done is get me re-connected with my cousins.

Here's the deal: I am not a family person, and I am not ashamed to admit that. The only family important to me is my immediate family members. Everyone else do not play any part in my life. Which explains why it is incredibly hard for me to go visit relatives even during Eid, and how I make plans deliberately on the day we have the big family gathering. This is me. I place no importance in my extended family. And every get-together with them had been very awkward and boring.

Nowadays, with FB, we chat, we sent messages, we share recipes, for crying out loud! It's so great! It's like me getting to know my cousins slowly again and hopefully when we meet next it won't be so awkward. This connection trough FB has given a new meaning to family, for me, at least.

I am excited today because my long lost cousin Shah in Adelaide has decided to open an FB account. Though we've not seen each other in close to 20 years now, Shah and I have been corresponding through email for the last 2 years. It's so wonderful to get back in touch with him! I sent him an invitation to FB, and many months later, he hopped on. And he's excited to get in touch with his other Malaysian cousins. So, I sent a mass email to the cousins, telling them to add Shah into their list. Everyone immediately jumped on it. Everyone was excited! Finally, we got to know Shah all over again. He's not the 'long, lost' cousin anymore!

And to think I helped to connect the dots...


Friday, June 6, 2008

The smell of freedom

june 6, 08 friday
I was preparing for a recording when Boss Anu came in with surprising news - next Friday is my last day at work!! I couldn't contain my excitement an let out a yelp. My two other co-hosts were none than happy, shoulders slumped forward. I almost felt for them, not that they will not have my grumpiness anymore, but that they still have to do the show and work there. We have many times discussed how we'd like to move on and I was the only one fortunate enough to do so.

I did one week's worth of recording, and promptly left. Anu hinted that perhaps I should wait around for the other two to finish, but I left anyway. I'm heartless that way, I guess. I think they are hoping I turn up on Monday night after they're done with their 'role meeting'. I don't know. I am really not interested to pop by after gym. After all, Monday is gym day. And you know how much I love gym days....*groan*

I told husband J that next week is my last week. He thought how I was told was a bit rude. Yeah, well. That's just how the office does things. I actually like working under Anu. She's a pretty good boss. In my 12 years of being a talent, I've worked with some dimwits as bosses. So I appreciate Anu.

I mentioned this to J as well, when I was leaving the studio, I felt sad. It was weird. I haven't even left yet, have another week to go in fact and yet I was feeling a little sad. For a tiny moment, I actually questioned my decision to leave. I'm sure I will feel a little bad when the day comes, but as we speak (or write), I am soooo excited to end my 12 years, not on air, but with the office/station.

Anyway! 'Point is, another chapter of my life is opening sooner than I thought.

And I know it'll be good.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 'Simple Life' that was KL

june 4, 08 wednesday
At midnight tonight, Malaysians will have to pay RM2.70 per litre for petrol. That's a 40% increase from the last hike (which naturally kicked up a stink).

It can't be helped. Petrol prices around the world has shot up. It's only a matter of time the hike will hit home. So I reckon there will be massive lines at petrol stations tonight around the country. I'm not about to go deep on world issues, though I am not totally removed from it. But the petrol hike really hit home for me. My Getz is a bit of a guzzler. At RM70 full tank, I can stretch it to 410 km. On a good day. Sometimes, I notice when I spent the week mostly stuck in a jam, or been hitting the gas pedal a little more, that RM70 will only take me at 380km.


At RM2.70 per liter, am I supposed to stop driving so much now?? I was listening to Capital FM on my way back from the gym. The DJ was talking about how now's the best time to adopt a simpler life. With the food crisis, energy crisis etc. I guess I have to be a little bit more aware now. What with me not working come July, I really need to change my spending habits. Which by the way, I am starting to. Small steps.

The food crisis is a little removed from me, I admit. So did the energy crisis. And then the petrol hike. That really did it for me. We're all affected in one way or another. I am affected! How am I going to live worrying about things I can't control??

And trust me, after this petrol hike, everything else will go up. And soon, KL will be just like the other cities in the world...

Expensive and hard to live in.

Maybe I should move to ....hang on. Where else can I go to live cheap??


Sunday, June 1, 2008


june 1, 08 sunday

If it's one thing that I can never get my head around is downloading songs/movies etc, anything from the 'net. It's just a frustrating process, having to go through one too many clicks on the computer. And this has turned me into a tech-idiot.

No, some things are just not that obvious to me. No, I don't experiment when I don't even know which button to go to, to bloody experiment! What if I lost all the files I had?? I cannot bear to do it all over again!

Even more frustrating when your husband refuses to help and just say, "experiment!"

Aarrrghhh!! Where do I f***!Ng experiment??? WHERE??

I copied a whole bunch of my personal CDs onto the laptop, with the intention to copy those songs to my new ipod. And then I wanted a few more tunes from the 'net, which at the end I couldn't sync with my current playlist. I just wanted to pull my hair out, and poke husband J's eye out, just because! Aaaaarrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!

So now I have some pretty good selection from my CDs in my ipod. But I still don't have the 3 fabulous rock songs still stuck in some other playlist. HOW THE HELL DO YOU THIS???

OK breeeeeaaaathe.

This sucks.

On a brighter note as I try to calm down....husband J is roasting chicken for dinner.....smells gorgeous, baby!!