Sunday, June 1, 2008


june 1, 08 sunday

If it's one thing that I can never get my head around is downloading songs/movies etc, anything from the 'net. It's just a frustrating process, having to go through one too many clicks on the computer. And this has turned me into a tech-idiot.

No, some things are just not that obvious to me. No, I don't experiment when I don't even know which button to go to, to bloody experiment! What if I lost all the files I had?? I cannot bear to do it all over again!

Even more frustrating when your husband refuses to help and just say, "experiment!"

Aarrrghhh!! Where do I f***!Ng experiment??? WHERE??

I copied a whole bunch of my personal CDs onto the laptop, with the intention to copy those songs to my new ipod. And then I wanted a few more tunes from the 'net, which at the end I couldn't sync with my current playlist. I just wanted to pull my hair out, and poke husband J's eye out, just because! Aaaaarrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!

So now I have some pretty good selection from my CDs in my ipod. But I still don't have the 3 fabulous rock songs still stuck in some other playlist. HOW THE HELL DO YOU THIS???

OK breeeeeaaaathe.

This sucks.

On a brighter note as I try to calm down....husband J is roasting chicken for dinner.....smells gorgeous, baby!!