Saturday, June 21, 2008


june 21, 08 saturday

That's a big number. But, it doesn't bother me so much...until someone makes a big deal out of it. I can't believe I'm already celebrating another birthday. How quick the year(s) flew! It's like you can't get older quicker. It's almost absurd.

When I was younger, birthdays are the one day I looked forward to. Well, you're young, you can't wait to have another birthday to be older.

These days, I dread birthdays. The early 30's was fun. However, the Late 30's, totally another story!

Although I have to say, at this age, I have never felt better, leaner, healthier, stronger and more confident. I've never felt younger too! And I think I age well....yes?? Thank God for the workouts at the gym. I think I'd be feeling my age if I didn't change my lifestyle!

Husband J was kind enough to replenish my expensive skincare supply. Trust me, I've tried changing to cheaper brands. I ended up with dull skin and pimples. So back to my trusted and beloved SKII. The products J got me were intended as my birthday present. That was really sweet of him.
Goodies from husband J: SKII galore! Enough to keep me going with great skin for
another 6 months!
This morning I received flowers from mom. Auwwwww!! So sweet!!

From mom: beautiful bouquet of roses!

For dinner, J brought me to Genji, the Japanese restaurant at Hilton PJ. It was my idea actually. It's been like yonks since I last went, and I remember Genji fondly. They served fantastic Japanese cuisine. A tad bit pricey than usual, but certainly worth it.

We had reservation for 8.30pm, and when we arrived the place was buzzing. Screaming kids. People walking all over the place. Unmade tables. What the hell is going on?? Wasn't Genji supposed to be exclusive, classy and quiet?? No ala carte, we were told. No ala carte?? Only buffet. *eyes rolling* OK. Whatever. Walked around. The spread was nothing to shout about. The food was good, but not as fantastic as I remembered it to be. I was disappointed. I apologised profusely to husband J. He didn't look like he was enjoying himself either. I felt bad.

After paying for dinner, we went to the newly-renovated Uncle Chili's. Nice. Not as sleazy like the last time I went some 4-5 years ago. We hung around for less than an hour, and off we trotted home.

So there you go.

Happy 37th to me.