Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Occupation: Housewife

june 18, 08 wednesday
I never thought in a million years I'd give myself that title. I always thought I'd be working for the rest of my life. Of course the idea is to work after a short break, but for now, it seems I'm stuck with 'housewife'...


I'd like to call myself a 'taitai', but husband J insists he doesn't have that much money. Me thinks he's just being tight... ;) eheh

Anyway, today is my first day at home, full-time!! Yesterday, at the office, I've done the running around to get all the signatures I needed for HR, (wasn't as cumbersome as I thought it would be, plus had a little help from the hubs), went for an exit interview with a star-struck HR official (!!!), submitted my med card and the like, hugged and kissed colleagues and off I went!

I had mixed emotions a couple of days ago, but yesterday, I felt a huge burden being lifted off. I am free. Broke, but free!

So here I am, at home, trying to make sense of what to do to kill my time at home.

Got up same time as husband J, at 7.45am.

Cleaned up the cats, fed them.

Water the garden.

Rake the leaves at the bottom of the house.

Sweep the garden.

Sweep the garage.



Oh yeah, have breakfast.


Go to the gym...

Occasionally, do groceries shopping.


This is my life??

It's better than work anytime, but really! I need to find something to do...