Friday, June 20, 2008


june 20, 08 friday

No point telling me. I'm not working. I have no income. So what do I buy stuff with? My good looks??

Right-o. I wish!

It's sales time. And late last night, I received an sms from the sister: "MNG sale!"

Ahh. Well. It didn't hurt so much, because at this ripe-old age of my late 30's, MNG seems a little too tacky for me these days.

However, in 2 weeks, Zara will be on sale. Now that's a different story!!

I heart Zara. I binge on Zara. They have amazing clothes and shoes. And I love their jeans from their TRF line. They hug my non-existence hips and fat legs so well, and they are miiiighty comfortable!

I so heart Zara!

When they have their sales, and I won't be able to enjoy it, that will hurt, no doubt. It's the price I was willing to pay (or give up in this case!) when I so stubbornly wanted to leave my job. Yeah. What to do. It's a done deal. Plus, I have heaaaaaps of Zara in my cupboard. Tonnes! So maybe it's a good thing because I am seriously running out of space.




Who am I kidding?? You can never have too much of Zara TRF jeans. And t-shirts. And blouses. And shoes. But really, I have too many of the same things. It's time to change, I guess. It's time to just watch from the sidelines.

Oh! My bleeding heart!

Now where's my blinking tissue??