Thursday, June 12, 2008

Connecting the dots

june 12, 08 thursday
Not too long ago I was adamant about not joining the Facebook (FB) community. Somewhere down the line I changed my tune and signed up. Then I was consumed. It was FB first thing in the morning, even before coffee, FB in the mid-day, FB before and after lunch, FB at tea, FB at dawn, FB before I retire for the day. I slept, ate and breathe FB. Then I got bored. I wasn't really into sending cupcakes, or flowers, or giving a wet willie to my friends. My list grew. Honestly, I have more fans wanting to be in my list then I do real friends. I was this close to deleting my profile, because after awhile all I ever did was deleting stupid, repetitive posts.

I stopped myself though. My friend, Ain, told me she keeps her FB account for networking, to keep in touch with friends, some of whom she's not seen since school days. Ever since FB, she's re-connected with more old friends and this keeps her in the loop. That made me think (gasp!). I may not have very many friends in my list, but what FB has done is get me re-connected with my cousins.

Here's the deal: I am not a family person, and I am not ashamed to admit that. The only family important to me is my immediate family members. Everyone else do not play any part in my life. Which explains why it is incredibly hard for me to go visit relatives even during Eid, and how I make plans deliberately on the day we have the big family gathering. This is me. I place no importance in my extended family. And every get-together with them had been very awkward and boring.

Nowadays, with FB, we chat, we sent messages, we share recipes, for crying out loud! It's so great! It's like me getting to know my cousins slowly again and hopefully when we meet next it won't be so awkward. This connection trough FB has given a new meaning to family, for me, at least.

I am excited today because my long lost cousin Shah in Adelaide has decided to open an FB account. Though we've not seen each other in close to 20 years now, Shah and I have been corresponding through email for the last 2 years. It's so wonderful to get back in touch with him! I sent him an invitation to FB, and many months later, he hopped on. And he's excited to get in touch with his other Malaysian cousins. So, I sent a mass email to the cousins, telling them to add Shah into their list. Everyone immediately jumped on it. Everyone was excited! Finally, we got to know Shah all over again. He's not the 'long, lost' cousin anymore!

And to think I helped to connect the dots...