Saturday, June 28, 2008


june 28, 08 saturday
I am ecstatic! I just got in contact with an old classmate!!

Well, he actually found me...through Facebook (FB). This dude, whom I fondly called 'Don' (his surname) was my bench mate for the longest time. We sat next to each other during Primary 4 when he frequently used his ball pen to poke my arm and made marks on my white school shirt, and punched my shoulders (no kidding!). I was a bit of a girly girl at 10 years old so I didn't retaliate. We were bench mates again during Primary 6. By this time, I had turned into a tomboy so it was my turn to beat him up!! Ha ha!

Don was like any other 12 year-old: scrawny, with big eyes and the Beatle haircut. We got along, like as if we had a choice. He'd pull a prank every once in a while, and I'd punch him when his pranks worked. It was that sort of relationship. My Gawd! That brought a smile to my face!!

We went our separate ways after Primary school, and I never heard from him since. Until today!!

It's so cool how everyone is slowly re-connecting!