Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The odd couple

june 24, 08 tuesday
I just mopped the floor full of cat piss. Yes, you read it right. Cat piss. It was like a pool of vile smelling urine. I suspect it's Raisa's doing. Not because she's senile, but the big fat hairy one is hogging the bathroom.

That corner must have been Raisa's litter box for awhile, because there's no way that amount of piss can come out from a small feline. The worst part was there were plastic bags and boxes, and radio/VCR players that didn't work piled up at that corner. Which explains, the smell, but not being able to locate the source. I was appalled to find a gross pool of piss when I removed the stuff from that corner. I threw away the players, boxes and plastic bags, and had to mop with Clorox. Over and over again. Yech!

I don't understand Mok, the big fat hairy one. These past 2-3 weeks, he's been hiding in the corner wedged at the foot of the toilet bowl, in the bathroom where the cats eat and use the litter box. Raisa, who has been living with Mok since he was born 12 years ago, is terrified of him. She won't even be in the same room as Mok. So when Mok has decided to make that corner of the bathroom his crib, she refuses to go in anymore to eat, craps on the floor and pisses at some corner.

Mok has also been eating up a storm. Usually, he eats little but goes back to his bowl often. These days, his bowl is almost always empty, which is a surprise. He is a bit more vocal too and has somewhat lost his fondness for staying outdoors. He's still as lovable but his change in temper and more importantly, his place to sleep, is a bit alarming.

Should I take him to the vet?? He is after all, 12 years old. I'm thinking, he's coming to the end of his life?? Which is why he's behaving this way? Or is he just being moody? Some days it's good, some days, I just don't understand him. Maybe he's depressed. Maybe he's bored. But a good belly rub can solve all that, right? I hope he snaps out of it, and find another place to sleep!! It's the only way for Raisa to not crap and piss on the floor.

The odd couple: Raisa and Mok