Sunday, June 29, 2008

Exorcism of the iPod Shuffle

june 29, 08 sunday
I SWEAR...!!!

I've had to struggle trying to understand why my little 1 GB iPod refused to cooperate. It worked fine the last 100 times I updated it, then suddenly it stopped cooperating. It made my laptop do funny 'ting tong' noises and kept coming up with the massage saying it couldn't locate the newly downloaded songs.


I stayed up past midnight last night trying to figure out what went wrong. Finally I turned to the self-proclaimed tech-maestro, husband J. He googled the problem and taa daa! Miraculously, it worked again! We had to reset my iPod (basically deleted all 100+ songs in it) and re-copied everything from the existing stuff to the recently added songs. We plugged the dock into another USB socket and voila! It worked! No hiccups! No frustrating messages! It bloody worked!!

It proved a sore point with me. sigh. Husband J was right - the answers are a Google away. And that I am a tech-idiot. A tech-phobe. I hate technology. It's supposed to make your life easier, not frustrate you! So explain last night iPod drama to me!!

I might as well move to Pennsylvania and be an Amish. They don't believe in modern technology. They think it's evil. is evil. Eeeeeviiiill! And I swear, my iPod was possessed last night.

So now I have well over 160 songs in there as I just added a couple more songs from Cd's this afternoon. It worked fine. Honestly, I am done with loading more songs into my iPod. Because one more tantrum from it, I'll probably toss it in the bin!