Friday, November 6, 2009

Beauty Binge : Travel essentials!

As I was packing, thought I'd show you some of my travel essentials - stuff I always bring with me whenever I travel.

I try to get travel size products as they don't take up much space in my toiletry bag. I almost never bring my makeup unless if it's a trip back to Sydney or any other party-central cities in the world for work or play. I try to keep it as simple as possible because trying to fit a big fat toiletry bag in an equally big fat luggage is not fun!

1. Sunblock of at least SPF 25. I normally use SPF 30 for beach bound holidays and never stinge on slathering on before leaving the hotel room, even on a gloomy day. I don't mind turning darker, but I don't want any excuse to get skin cancer! My family has cancer history so I am always very aware. Preventing is better that cure. Though that tube of sunblock has seen better days. eew. I'll buy a new one tomorrow at the airport...

2. Baby oil. I normally use it at night. I have super dry skin and if I don't have any kind of lotion or oil at night, I'll wake up with "war wounds" from scratching...

3. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. If baby oil doesn't work, this almost always
does. Just can't stand it's uber greasiness.

4. Baby shampoo. I'm @nal about shampoos! Hotel shampoos turn my hair into straws so I prefer using a gentle shampoo on holiday. Baby shampoo does the trick. Makes my hair feel and look normal!

5. Lip balm.

6. Facial sunblock. I never ever use regular sunblock on my face. No, no no! Or else, pimples galore!! I like this facial sunblock from MaryKay. It has an SPF 25 and is non-greasy. Good facial sunblocks are hard to find, so this one's a keeper.

7. Eye cream. Been using this Eucerin Q-10 anti-wrinke eye cream. It's OK, not so thick but moisturises my under eye areas quite nicely. As for wrinkles... they're not goin' anywhere. Oh well!! But must have eye cream.

8. Eyelash curler. Yes, I haven't been updating much. Yes, I was unwell. But I'm still vain!!

new essentials everyday
Now that my body is stretching in different directions, I had to add these babies to minimise stretch marks. I do not want to have the world map on my ass!!

1. Clarins Body Treatment Oil - Firming and Toning, for pregnant ladies or those battling with stretch marks. At RM172 a pop, this was strongly recommended by my facial lady. I love the smell, not too strong, mild enough not to linger on and clash with your perfume. The oil is not too runny, and absorbs really fast. I use this in the morning after shower.

2. Chicco Mama Donna anti-stretch mark cream. I bought this first, because in the earlier days of my pregnancy, I could smell everything and that would make me sick! This has no smell, it's non-greasy and the cream absorbs easily into the skin. I use this at night after shower.

3. Organic Aid Vitamin E Cream. I use this as an all-over body cream as it has no smell. It's thick, takes a little bit more time to absorb but is not greasy. I had to give away The Body Shop's Body Butter as I was super sensitive to smell. Plus, it was getting too greasy for my liking. My low tolerance to smell has improved but I still stick to no/light fragrant products, just in case if my pregnancy hormones decide to act up again...

Liquid products are nicely tucked in a ziplock bag. Nothing worse than a spill!

All in my toiletry bag, and off I go!

See you in a week!!


Travels: Surprise me, Phuket!

OK, so I'm all packed and off for a well-deserved holiday. I'm just not too stoked about the destination - Phuket. Bleh. Been there one too many times, the last was last year with my brother in-law, Michael. I swear, the island didn't look like it was touched by the 2004 tsunami at all. If anything, that disaster has made the place anything but friendly. Prices have quadrupled and I personally feel the tsunami has wiped out the warmth of the islanders. Oh, they're nice to the farangs, but the minute they found out I was not Thai, but from neighbouring Malaysia, watch that attitude change!! Pfft!

One of the few places I like in Phuket - Kata Beach. Gorgeous!!

Of course then watching some of the local girls openly making googly eyes at my farang husband, OR, farangs making eyes at me thinking I must be for "hire". Or dirty looks as if my farang husband hired me. It's so freakin' annoying, though Husband J finds it amusing. Maybe this time seeing my bulging belly, they'll lay off.

*OMG, I started off by whinging!*
Phuket Island, Thailand

At least the beaches in Phuket are still beautiful. I love the water too. So clear and clean.

This time, we're holidaying with husband-and-wife friends from Ireland. They were looking forward to do the beautiful islands on the east coast of Malaysia, but this is not the time as it is close for the monsoon season. So Phuket it is, since they've never been there. Which is why I didn't protest when J said we're going there. It was an easy decision as well.

So I've packed my sunblock, sunnies and bikinis. Yes, I plan to don on my bikini, bulging tummy or not. Though one of 'em is a tad small now that when I bend to sit, you can see me crack!! LOL!! Give it another month, I doubt I can fit into it anymore!! I'm still taking that small-ish bikini, because in some weird way, I am still in denial!

So hopefully I won't be a totally lazy bum bum this time and take lots of pictures though I'm hardly excited about Phuket anymore. But at least I get to go away, so I must not sound too ungrateful.

Maybe this time, Phuket will surprise me, eh. Heck! I should just be glad to get out of the country for a bit!

Thanks for dropping by!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beauty Binge : The "last" haul

I was not as enthusiastic about this lot as I was with all my other purchases. I bought these at different times, somewhere between July and August. I've not bought one single cosmetic product since! Overtime, things change, priorities change and makeup seemed unimportant anymore. Before the hormones took over, whenever I received a package, I'd rip it open. With these, I threw them on the table and left them unopened for weeks! When I finally did, I had almost forgotten what I had bought!!

I remember wanting that Ecotools foundation brush so badly (because I was bitten by the Ecotools-bug) but when I got it, I was like, "mehhh..." I didn't take it out from its packaging for weeks and it was left on my vanity table collecting dust. Same went for the ELF Studio products. As you can see, they're still intact in their packaging.

I've only tried the
Everyday Minerals sample stuff I bought. I got "Buttered Tan" foundation in semi matte, matte, and intensive since that shade fits like a glove. I liked the blush in Game Show a pretty red-mauvey shade, and "Pearl Pick me up" is great as a highlighter. I went on a limp and ordered a sample of "in the garden" a mineral taupe-brownish eyeshadow shade. Very pretty and very unique but as it is, eyeshadows with me have fallen off my radar! So I have yet to try it. This is also my first mineral eyeshadow and I am somewhat curious how it applies.

As you can see, I have a lot of stuff to play with and review. Make sure you check back in for those, k.

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Buzz: Stork Story

It seemed like a gazillion years since I wrote anything, but looking back, it hasn't been that long has it?? OK, yes it has. To say that I've been wrapped up with things and issues is an understatement.

Truth is, the Stork came a-knockin'...

Seeing that I am 16 weeks today (4 months for those of us too lazy to do the Math), I am well into my 2nd trimester, and am having a stable and healthy pregnancy, God willing. Yes, Puss got knocked up at the ripe ol' age of 38!! This is my first, and my Husband J and I were initially surprised, but immensely thrilled!

I've been quite fortunate - my early pregnancy symptoms were very mild. A little bit of aches and pains (although at the time they hit me it didn't feel so 'mild'!), a lot of napping and a little nausea to seal the deal. Now at 4 months, the out-of-control hormones have pretty much settled down, and I am finally beginning to enjoy my pregnancy.

These past couple of weeks, I've had to put up with toothache (and you know how miserable those can be!), which I found out was due to lack of calcium, despite taking calcium pills. My bub was sucking out calcium from me and I immediately had to go out to buy a tin of milk for pregnant mums. I h.a.t.e milk. I love cheese but they make me bloat like a mutha, so I had to suck it up, and drink milk. Thank Goodness the one I bought had a bit of flavour so it wasn't a chore chugging a glass down. The toothache issue has improved and I am waiting with abated breath the next big annoying thing to hit me!
At 4 months, I have just started to feel the weight of my belly. I'm also starting to show which I find so amusing! Not too long ago, I would freak if I see a little bump! I'd adjust my diet and work out like mad at the gym! These days, my bump is what makes me smile. My friends tell me I don't look like I'm showing much which I'm glad. I just hope I don't get so big later on. My wardrobe has also changed. No more skinny jeans. Seems trivial but I miss putting on my skinnies and heels!! I am soooo hating my wardrobe right now! *sulk*

Speaking of working out, that has been put on hold ever since I found out 2 months ago. My life without exercise has been one. big. laze-about! I feel sooooo sloooow and I can't wait to get back to the gym. My trainer Ela has equipped himself with information on pregnancy exercise programmes so when I go back I can enjoy a safe and effective workout. I can't wait!! That will happen only after my Phuket trip next weekend! (Yay for holidays!)

Makeup-wise, I am starting slowly to have makeup on again. You wouldn't believe it, but during the 1st trimester when body wasn't feeling so great, I looked like a train-wreck wherever I went, and I didn't care!! No makeup, no lip balm, nothing. You hear stories on how some pregnant women would have strange sickness. Well, mine was makeup! I would feel sick looking at my cosmetic stash, even looking at anything beauty related! So for a few weeks, I had no beauty mags, no beauty blogs, no YouTube beauty videos and definitely no makeup of my own! Thank Gawd that passed!! These days, I stick with my minerals and nothing elaborate: mineral foundie, concealer, tightline, mascara, blush and lipblam. No eyeshadows yet. Gotta start slow. The colours are not calling out my name yet, but it'll come. My skin has improved as well (Darn those pregnancy hormones!) so I look and feel better. Friends say now I have that "glow" many people talk about with pregnant women (though I don't notice it!).

So this is my story. Not that I have sworn off makeup (touch wooooood!), but the universe had other plans for me. I am grateful for this blessing, despite constantly grumbling about my fugly wardrobe (!!!). I just pray this will continue to be a normal and healthy pregnancy.

Thank you for still wanting to read this. Makeup reviews will resume (albeit infrequently - blame those unpredictable pregnancy hormones!!).


Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've lost that lovin' feelin'.

It seems like forever since I last updated this blog, but guess what? I still have nothing for you!

No. I lie.

I do. I received 3 small packages of makeup goodies some weeks ago but here's the thing: I haven't tried or even opened some of 'em from their packaging! These days, whenever I look at my makeup, I feel like throwing up.

I haven't been using much makeup either. I think I've lost that lovin' feeli


Hopefully it's temporary.

Lemme look for that makeup-obssessed chic, she's in there somewhere!

Thanks for bearing with me!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Buzz: 1st Ultrasound

This has probably been the longest 2-week wait in my entire life! I am normally quite patient but the 2-week wait for my first ultrasound with Dr. Hamid taught me when your pregnant, everyday is a different day. I had off and on nausea, headaches, hot flushes (can you believe that!), had a tough time sleeping but was constantly tired, and overall, was just too uncomfortable to sit, stand, walk or lie down. The changes were too overwhelmingly unpleasant that it was impossible for me to celebrate my finally being pregnant!

Today, the wait was over and surprisingly, my body was behaving itself. But Husband J and I were in for a shocker. Whilst we were playing the guessing game on how far along I would be now based on my irregular cycles, the good Doctor gave us our first ultrasound to reveal we are at
9 weeks and 5 days! And we went in thinking we were at the most, 7 weeks!!

9.5 weeks!! That's 2 1/2 months!! 2 more weeks, we'll be 3 months!!

Then we saw the image of our little bub. Dr. Hamid pointed out the flickering little dot in the middle of the fetus.
"That's the heartbeat," he said, as J and I were a ball of emotions. That's a life inside me, and for the longest time, I have wondered what it was like to see the life you created for the first time.

Now I know.



Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty Binge on a break!

I've been such a slacker this week in updating my blog, but unfortunately, the slacker-mode continues riiiiight 'till Eid (hopefully!).

I have been distracted by a *huge* event in my life that has taken over my addiction for makeup and all things beauty (gasp!). So instead of leaving this cold, I'm here to let you know that I will be Missing-in-Action for awhile, until I can pull my sh!t together. Hopefully by Eid. I still have a couple more packages expected in the mail, so by the time I come back, I will definitely have stuff to play with and review.

Meantime, enjoy the rest of Ramadhan, have a safe Eid and stay beautiful always.



Monday, September 7, 2009

Beauty Binge: High end faves.

Dear Puss, Do you really hate all high end brands? I hardly ever see any on your blog. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate you feature drugstore brands as I can't afford to splurge on expensive cosmetics, but I'm wondering if you've used high end brands other than Mac? Do you have favourites? Layla B.

Hey Layla!

Thanks for writing in. First and foremost, I dislike using the word "hate". It's too strong of a word. Plus, regardless of the brand, "hate" is such a dirty word to use for makeup, methinks!

No, I don't dislike all high end brands! I just can't stomach paying the extra 60% (?) on packaging and marketing!! I also think high end brands are of better quality is a myth! If you're a smart consumer, you'd know you don't have to pay so much for "quality". I've used high end makeup for most of my radio career. That was how I learned what I liked and didn't as I did tons of shoots. I'm not one to just make a sweeping statement on how I don't like this brand and that without even trying. When I say I don't like a product, more often than not, I've already used/tried it, not once, not twice, but usually more than that.

I still have favourites from the higher price range although I have to admit I've been more or less distracted by the funner side of drugstore makeup. That's another reason why I am not keen on high end brands - I find most of them boring.

Some of the high end products I still adore:

Lancome Juicy Tubes.

Lancome Juicy Tubes: Raisin. Mangue. Myrtille.

At one point, I practically had every colour possible. Some people despise the ultra stickiness of these babies, but I love them! They are long lasting, especially when I use them for shows under bright lights and long hours. The colours are adorable, not too pigmented but not too sheer either, they make your lips look ... well... juicy! I used most of the tubes til the last drop, and now I'm left with these and a couple more in sample sizes. However, I am not too crazy over the packaging as I much prefer the traditional bottle with sponge-tip applicator anyday.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipsticks.

EsteeLauder Lipsticks: Almond. Caramel Toffee. Vanilla Truffle. Gloss in White Chocolate.

"Long lasting" my foot! But these are so creamy they glide on my lips, don't dry them out and do not slide off. They are NOT long lasting!! I will be the first to admit, I don't like most Estee Lauder products, and I used to own tones for a job I did for them. They paid me half in cash, and half in products. Out of all, I just like their lip products. The three lippies were a staple in any shows I did. They're all super nude, concealer-like nude, but I normally layer these over a bright coloured lipstick and top it off with Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Gloss in White Chocolate. This gloss is less than stellar but the shade fits the bill. I'd wear this lips with super intense dark eyes, and I constantly had to remind myself not to eat or drink until the event is over, or else I'd have to re-apply. And re-applying backstage when it was normally chaotic, is not much fun.

Shu Uemura single eye shadows.

Shu depotted single shadows.

Yes, we all love Mac. I don't need to tell you they make darn good shadows with excellent colour choices. But a photo shoot I did using Shu Uemura products made me take notice of their shadows. These babies rock my world!! I dare say I love them more than Mac shadows! They are so vibrant, smooth, silky, crazy pigmented, come in an array of colours, I just could resist getting some for my collection.
They are also easier to depot, and so I bought an empty quad and stuck all 4 Shu shadows I own into a quad. I had to stop at 4, because I couldn't justify paying RM80 a pop (back then). In my eyes, I think Shu makes some of the best shadows in the market.

Lancome quads.

Lancome GWP quads.

These were Gift-with-Purchase (GWP) and were given to me. One look I was like, "How freakin' boring!" The colours are nothing to shout about, but I love using these quads on days when I just need to look a little polished. The texture is silky, they last a good while, but no burst of colours. They are small enough to throw into my makeup bag, I love these for being so convenient.

YSL Touche Eclat in #2.
YSL Touche Eclat highliter pen.

My favourite pen-highlighter of all time! I use this on my laugh lines (which are getting deeper by the year darn it!) and on the bridge of my nose. Comes out great in pictures making me look line/wrinkle-free!! Woot!

Mac Studio Tech.

This was my go-to foundation when I had events to attend and shows to host. It's such a great product! This water-base medium to heavy coverage foundation is cooling to the touch and glides over skin. This is the perfect foundation when you have flashbulbs going off in your face. There's no white mask effect, the foundation makes me look flawless in pictures without looking over made up. Even in real life, your skin will look smooth and beautiful with this. It comes with a sponge but I use this with a flat foundation brush for a clean, streak-free finish.

There you have it!

Have an awesome day, y'all!