Friday, November 6, 2009

Beauty Binge : Travel essentials!

As I was packing, thought I'd show you some of my travel essentials - stuff I always bring with me whenever I travel.

I try to get travel size products as they don't take up much space in my toiletry bag. I almost never bring my makeup unless if it's a trip back to Sydney or any other party-central cities in the world for work or play. I try to keep it as simple as possible because trying to fit a big fat toiletry bag in an equally big fat luggage is not fun!

1. Sunblock of at least SPF 25. I normally use SPF 30 for beach bound holidays and never stinge on slathering on before leaving the hotel room, even on a gloomy day. I don't mind turning darker, but I don't want any excuse to get skin cancer! My family has cancer history so I am always very aware. Preventing is better that cure. Though that tube of sunblock has seen better days. eew. I'll buy a new one tomorrow at the airport...

2. Baby oil. I normally use it at night. I have super dry skin and if I don't have any kind of lotion or oil at night, I'll wake up with "war wounds" from scratching...

3. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. If baby oil doesn't work, this almost always
does. Just can't stand it's uber greasiness.

4. Baby shampoo. I'm @nal about shampoos! Hotel shampoos turn my hair into straws so I prefer using a gentle shampoo on holiday. Baby shampoo does the trick. Makes my hair feel and look normal!

5. Lip balm.

6. Facial sunblock. I never ever use regular sunblock on my face. No, no no! Or else, pimples galore!! I like this facial sunblock from MaryKay. It has an SPF 25 and is non-greasy. Good facial sunblocks are hard to find, so this one's a keeper.

7. Eye cream. Been using this Eucerin Q-10 anti-wrinke eye cream. It's OK, not so thick but moisturises my under eye areas quite nicely. As for wrinkles... they're not goin' anywhere. Oh well!! But must have eye cream.

8. Eyelash curler. Yes, I haven't been updating much. Yes, I was unwell. But I'm still vain!!

new essentials everyday
Now that my body is stretching in different directions, I had to add these babies to minimise stretch marks. I do not want to have the world map on my ass!!

1. Clarins Body Treatment Oil - Firming and Toning, for pregnant ladies or those battling with stretch marks. At RM172 a pop, this was strongly recommended by my facial lady. I love the smell, not too strong, mild enough not to linger on and clash with your perfume. The oil is not too runny, and absorbs really fast. I use this in the morning after shower.

2. Chicco Mama Donna anti-stretch mark cream. I bought this first, because in the earlier days of my pregnancy, I could smell everything and that would make me sick! This has no smell, it's non-greasy and the cream absorbs easily into the skin. I use this at night after shower.

3. Organic Aid Vitamin E Cream. I use this as an all-over body cream as it has no smell. It's thick, takes a little bit more time to absorb but is not greasy. I had to give away The Body Shop's Body Butter as I was super sensitive to smell. Plus, it was getting too greasy for my liking. My low tolerance to smell has improved but I still stick to no/light fragrant products, just in case if my pregnancy hormones decide to act up again...

Liquid products are nicely tucked in a ziplock bag. Nothing worse than a spill!

All in my toiletry bag, and off I go!

See you in a week!!