Friday, November 6, 2009

Travels: Surprise me, Phuket!

OK, so I'm all packed and off for a well-deserved holiday. I'm just not too stoked about the destination - Phuket. Bleh. Been there one too many times, the last was last year with my brother in-law, Michael. I swear, the island didn't look like it was touched by the 2004 tsunami at all. If anything, that disaster has made the place anything but friendly. Prices have quadrupled and I personally feel the tsunami has wiped out the warmth of the islanders. Oh, they're nice to the farangs, but the minute they found out I was not Thai, but from neighbouring Malaysia, watch that attitude change!! Pfft!

One of the few places I like in Phuket - Kata Beach. Gorgeous!!

Of course then watching some of the local girls openly making googly eyes at my farang husband, OR, farangs making eyes at me thinking I must be for "hire". Or dirty looks as if my farang husband hired me. It's so freakin' annoying, though Husband J finds it amusing. Maybe this time seeing my bulging belly, they'll lay off.

*OMG, I started off by whinging!*
Phuket Island, Thailand

At least the beaches in Phuket are still beautiful. I love the water too. So clear and clean.

This time, we're holidaying with husband-and-wife friends from Ireland. They were looking forward to do the beautiful islands on the east coast of Malaysia, but this is not the time as it is close for the monsoon season. So Phuket it is, since they've never been there. Which is why I didn't protest when J said we're going there. It was an easy decision as well.

So I've packed my sunblock, sunnies and bikinis. Yes, I plan to don on my bikini, bulging tummy or not. Though one of 'em is a tad small now that when I bend to sit, you can see me crack!! LOL!! Give it another month, I doubt I can fit into it anymore!! I'm still taking that small-ish bikini, because in some weird way, I am still in denial!

So hopefully I won't be a totally lazy bum bum this time and take lots of pictures though I'm hardly excited about Phuket anymore. But at least I get to go away, so I must not sound too ungrateful.

Maybe this time, Phuket will surprise me, eh. Heck! I should just be glad to get out of the country for a bit!

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