Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Buzz: 1st Ultrasound

This has probably been the longest 2-week wait in my entire life! I am normally quite patient but the 2-week wait for my first ultrasound with Dr. Hamid taught me when your pregnant, everyday is a different day. I had off and on nausea, headaches, hot flushes (can you believe that!), had a tough time sleeping but was constantly tired, and overall, was just too uncomfortable to sit, stand, walk or lie down. The changes were too overwhelmingly unpleasant that it was impossible for me to celebrate my finally being pregnant!

Today, the wait was over and surprisingly, my body was behaving itself. But Husband J and I were in for a shocker. Whilst we were playing the guessing game on how far along I would be now based on my irregular cycles, the good Doctor gave us our first ultrasound to reveal we are at
9 weeks and 5 days! And we went in thinking we were at the most, 7 weeks!!

9.5 weeks!! That's 2 1/2 months!! 2 more weeks, we'll be 3 months!!

Then we saw the image of our little bub. Dr. Hamid pointed out the flickering little dot in the middle of the fetus.
"That's the heartbeat," he said, as J and I were a ball of emotions. That's a life inside me, and for the longest time, I have wondered what it was like to see the life you created for the first time.

Now I know.