Friday, June 6, 2008

The smell of freedom

june 6, 08 friday
I was preparing for a recording when Boss Anu came in with surprising news - next Friday is my last day at work!! I couldn't contain my excitement an let out a yelp. My two other co-hosts were none than happy, shoulders slumped forward. I almost felt for them, not that they will not have my grumpiness anymore, but that they still have to do the show and work there. We have many times discussed how we'd like to move on and I was the only one fortunate enough to do so.

I did one week's worth of recording, and promptly left. Anu hinted that perhaps I should wait around for the other two to finish, but I left anyway. I'm heartless that way, I guess. I think they are hoping I turn up on Monday night after they're done with their 'role meeting'. I don't know. I am really not interested to pop by after gym. After all, Monday is gym day. And you know how much I love gym days....*groan*

I told husband J that next week is my last week. He thought how I was told was a bit rude. Yeah, well. That's just how the office does things. I actually like working under Anu. She's a pretty good boss. In my 12 years of being a talent, I've worked with some dimwits as bosses. So I appreciate Anu.

I mentioned this to J as well, when I was leaving the studio, I felt sad. It was weird. I haven't even left yet, have another week to go in fact and yet I was feeling a little sad. For a tiny moment, I actually questioned my decision to leave. I'm sure I will feel a little bad when the day comes, but as we speak (or write), I am soooo excited to end my 12 years, not on air, but with the office/station.

Anyway! 'Point is, another chapter of my life is opening sooner than I thought.

And I know it'll be good.