Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beauty Binge: Milani singles

I *love* products, be it drugstore or high end, that are catered towards women of colour. They are usually very vibrant with amazing pigmentation and normally carry bright, unconventional colours.

One such brand (drugstore!) is Milani. I have a small collection from this brand, as they are quite hard to find. If your lucky enough to find Milani in your neighbourhood drugstore, I suggest you get some!

My favourite Milani product is their single eyeshadows. They have time and again been said to be close dupes of MAC single eyeshadows. So if you can't afford MAC, take a look at Milani. The quality of Milani shadows are also ah-mazing! They are incredibly pigmented, very easy to blend and just simply beautiful. I actually love these more than MAC, if only Milani singles are available in Malaysia (they're not!). They are also easier to depot, and fit in any palettes that fit MAC shadows. However, they do crumble easily, as I have discovered with a couple of the shadows when trying to depot them. One actually cracked on its way here in the mail, but I've managed to salvage what's left. I get quite nervous when I order online as they are very soft and need to be bubble-wrapped heavily. Unfortunately, I read somewhere that these singles are discontinued, which explains them being hard to find. They are replaced with the Runway Eyes Wet Dry single shadows which, I was told, are nowhere near the original in terms of pigmentation and overall quality.

The latest baby in my collection: Milani Spice. Very pretty bronzy brown colour, close dupe to Stilla's Twig. I an *not* a fan of Stilla products, especially their eyeshadows, but loved Twig, so I got this instead. Good call!
Milani Spice

I bought this because of the colour - the purple is so vibrant and beautiful! I haven't used this yet, not sure how since it's so bright!! This was the hardest to depot - the glue was too strong and I dug my knife into the shadow a few times to pull the pan out! Ouch! This is Milani Shock.
Milani Shock

Milani Peachy Peach is a dupe of MAC Jest. I was looking for a peach shadow, so I got this. Big mistake! This is my highlight colour as it is too sheer to use for anything else.
Milani Peachy Peach

Milani Java Bean, which is a dupe of MAC Mulch. Very very pigmented! A little goes a looooong way!
Milani Java Bean

Milani Flare. A beautiful copper colour, close dupe of MAC Coppering. The colour payoff is A++!I love using this as a wash in my crease when I'm going for the bronzy look!
Milani Flare

The first Milani single that convinced me they are worth getting: Milani Sun Goddess is a dupe of MAC Amber Lights. This is sucha pretty gold bronze shade. I love using this as a lid colour, and as highlight! This shade instantly warms up your whole look! It chipped off a little in the mail, and I managed to press some of the pieces back in.

I depot them into the ELF Custom Palette, and they fit perfectly. This way I save space, and my make-up drawers don't look too cluttered. This is also an easier way to find them, as the singles are small.

If your a fan of bright shadows, I strongly recommend getting at least one Milani single. Heck, I think everyone should have at least one! But there are some which are quite sheer so do your homework before purchasing. These can be found on for under 5 bucks (can't remember the exact price!) They've updated their Milani stock and you can now get hard-to-find and discontinued colours.

Have a great day!