Monday, June 15, 2009

Beauty Binge: Daily skincare spiel

Sure, I like my make-up cheap, but not my skincare. Hell no!

My becoming a skincare brand snob started after an army of angry zits popped up when I was working on TV lightyears ago. Blame it on those thick, unforgiving TV make-up, I quickly learned the art of double-cleansing using high-end brand skincare products which helped calmed the onslaught almost immediately!

These days, not all my skincare stuff is high end. Some of the more 'important' ones are, but my skin has since tolerated my using drugstore stuff, so there's a mix of expensive and affordable on my bathroom

I've been using SK-II for 5 years now. The parent company P&G invited me to try this Japanese brand and provided full-sized stuff worth over RM1,000! How could I say "no"?? I had to check in with them every 2 weeks to report on the progress, and by the 4th week, everyone was commenting how 'radiant' and smooth my skin looked. Five years on, I'm still using some of the products. Everytime I run out, I'll let out a massive sigh because I'd have to shell out a hefty amount to buy just one

But lemme tell ya, my skin lovessssssssss this brand! So it's worth every sen!

My cleansing stuff. (Left) SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser is a luxurious creamy cleanser that lathers up. It's non-drying (on my skin), and smells heavenly! I love love love make-up, but hun-ney! I love a clean face better!! My HG cleanser! If they ever discontinue this item, I'll pack my bags and move to Mars!!

To remove make-up, I've found pure love in Mandom Express Cleansing (Moist). The watery consistency of this product is so refreshing than using the traditional oil cleansers to remove make-up. I was happy as a lark when this was finally sold in Malaysia. I'm just not too stoked about the scent, and does a poor job at removing waterproof mascaras, which leads us to the next product.

(Right) Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup remover is a drugstore item that works really well at removing every inch of eye make-up, including those pesky waterproof mascaras. In less than a year, I'm almost finishing my third bottle, so yeah, you can guess how much I heart this stuff. It's not oily, doesn't sting my eyes, and is so reliable!

Fresheners: (Left) SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is the star product of the brand and is an essential product in my skincare routine. Seriously, I cannot live without this stuff! It's more of a serum with lighter consistency, makes my skin smoother, well-hydrated, smooths out fine lines and calms my skin. It also carries a hefty price-tag, so when I'm almost out, I have to do major budgeting so that I can afford to re-purchase!

(Right) Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is my HG toner. This Aussie-brand toner is so gentle, hydrating and smells of roses!! My long-time facialist uses Jurlique products and I've been hooked on this spray ever since I entrusted her with my face! I love spritzing this anytime when I feel my skin needs refreshing. For a toner, this is also not so wallet-friendly, but I'd buy bottles of this when Husband J and I go back to Syndey! It's so much cheaper at the Sydney International Airport!

Moisturiser:(Left) Eucerin White Solution with SPF40 is another drugstore product in my skincare regime. I don't normally buy into the whole whitening cr@p this part of the world loves so much. I am naturally tanned, and I embrace it! So I never entertain whitening products. I just started using this 6 months ago when my regular SK-II moisturiser got more expensive and too oily. Plus, it has no SPF, and I am always looking for moisturisers with built-in SPF. I bought this for the SPF factor not the whitening factor. I was quite nervous about trying this Eucerin moisturiser, but miraculously, my skin did not react when I switched. It's an OK product, not totally bowled over. I'm still looking for my HG moisturiser though.

SK-II Skin Refining Treatment is oh-so-freakin' costly that this will be the last time I'm using this! It's a night cream that has AHA and BHA which help dissolve blackheads and the like. The cream is quite thick, but my facialist said that my pores are now 'cleaner' ever since I started using this. Too bad this is so expensive. It could've been a staple. Looking for a good night moisturiser that is easy on the wallet.

Undereyes. Now, here's an area that is a continuous work-in-progress. I have massive eye bags, a feature that comes naturally with deep-set eyes, and obvious fine lines too. Nothing to do with age (OK, I'm in denial!), I used to pull, tug and scratch my eyes from allergies. The skin under my eyes have loosen, wrinkled and sagged because of that and I am on a constant search for a good eye cream. Let's see, I've wasted my money on LaMer Eye Balm - didn't do jack, gave me milia instead; SK-II Treatment Eye Film - too little product, no results AT ALL; Clarins Eye Balm - waste of money; and a host of other expensive eye creams and gels that didn't show any results. So for now, this Loreal Wrinkle De-crease cream will have to do. It's been discontinued in Malaysia, I was happy to find this tub in, of all places, Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

I honestly think skincare products are worth to splurge on. After all, you only have one skin. For the rest of your life!

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