Monday, June 8, 2009

Beauty Binge: 3D Face with SaSa HD Foundation

When the 'High Definition' foundation craze hit town, I found myself getting sucked in by the hype. Before long, yours truly was lemming for the Make-Up Forever High Definition Foundation. I didn't really understand what it was, but who cares?? If the whole world loves it, then it's a must have!! As sad as that sounds, I know I am not alone. But it's exciting to see how cosmetic companies keep churning out gimmick after gimmick, and suckers like myself keep buying into them. So I hung out at the MUFE counter in 1 Utama, played with the HD foundation for the 100th time, only to put it back and walk away heavy hearted. I cannot foresee myself shelling out RM130 (?) or more for a bottle of foundation, regardless what it claims to do. Not too long ago, I wouldn't even think twice, but these days, I am always convinced there's a cheaper alternative lurking somewhere.

So one day, I popped by SaSa and voila!! My eyes caught the laminated signage: "SaSa HD Perfect Foundation". My heart jumped and I immediately started playing with the testers. The Sales Assistant who was hovering over me the minute I walked in (don't you just hate that?), started blabbing away on how a hit this is in Singapore and Hong Kong, and how this foundation "can make your face look 3-D". Huh?? 3-D? What? Like a pop-out book? The SA just blinked at me blankly. *tsk*tsk.

HD Foundations are supposedly great for picture taking, making you look glowy in pictures, and making your features stand out more without the aid of liquid or powder highlighters. Ahhhhh...but I love my powder highlighters! They're almost ingrain in my make-up routine, leaving them out makes me feel ... naked!! Eheh.

SaSa HD Foundation is on promotion at the mo, selling for RM39.90 till the end of this week, then it will go back to the original price of RM55.90. Yikes! That's a bit much for a house brand, so I grabbed the darkest shade, 04 Golden Beige which fits my tanned NC40-42 skin perfectly.

Comes in 4 shades, 04 Golden Beige is the darkest.

On the bottle it says: "This light weight formula offers perfect coverage with a natural soft, matte finish. Its hydrating fluid glides on seamlessly to give you a flawless luminous complexion."

Hygienic packaging!Me-likey!

My youngest brother, Jen, had his engagement
ceremony yesterday, and since it was a hot day, I've decided to use this foundation with a wet sponge. The consistency is a bit thin and runnier for my liking but it spreads like a charm over my Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-gel which I used as face primer. I like my foundation medium-full coverage, and matte; this foundation gave me a smooth light coverage, even lighter when applied with a wet sponge. It did give me a soft finish, but matte? Nooooooooooooo! I know matte finishes and this was anything but matte! I was shining like a newly scrubbed disco-ball after a couple of hours!! I had to constantly touch up with my powder which I *hate* doing!

I was looking through the pictures after the whole do, and well, my face did look glowing and smooth. My features did show up a little in pictures, not quite "3-D" though. I just had a matte blush on with no highlighters. I think I like this foundation for picture taking with friends and family, not for events though, and the whole shine-thing is a total put-off. Or is that supposed to be the "luminous" part?? Looked like oily face to me!!

Overall, this foundation is great for hot days but I still love my Revlon ColorStay with Softlex foundation. It gives me the kind of coverage that I love and no shine! For serious picture taking, I also still prefer MAC StudioTech Foundation. It never failed me looking my best (and shine-free!) during those good ol' days when I had camera flashbulbs flashing in my face at events and such. The coverage is a little heavier but never cakey and fake.

But that's my preference - I like heavier matte coverage than the average Jane next door. If you like your foundation natural and light, give this one a go. Just remember to blot often if you have oily skin because it has no oil-control whatsoever. I think I'll alternate this with my mineral foundation on hot days. Not bad for a house brand.

SaSa HD Perfect Foundation comes in 4 shades. You can get hold of one at all SaSa outlets for RM39.90 until June 14th, 2009. Regular price is at RM55.90.

Mucho thanks for dropping by!