Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beauty Binge: Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palette & Bonne Bell LipGear

I haven't been buying anything from the local drugstores lately, cosmetic-wise. But I have been curious about the Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palettes. They are so colourful and they stand out from the same ol' same ol' brown poop colours the other drugstore brands seemed so fond of dishing out.

So I've decided, once and for all, to get me grubby paws on the Silkygirl palette. I have their shadow duo in Smokey Sparks and was quite impressed, so I thought this palette wouldn't be a let down either.

Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palette in Smokey Charms

Well, it's not. Whilst I'm not standing on the 'rave podium' with this one, I think this is a pretty nice palette to have. I bought mine in Smokey Charm, a quad of dark-ish colours tailor-made for smokey eyes. But really, if your creative enough, you can also use the colours for daytime and make it look subtle and work-appropriate. The rose-pink colour in the palette was what sold me. Colours like that can instantly soften and warm up your entire look, if you feel the colours came together too dark or too intense.

Pigment-wise, they are not bad. I mean, they're not MAC-quality nor are they like NYX, but they are not chalky at all, easy to blend, and very silky when apply! I didn't notice any fall-out so they are well-milled and well pressed. The texture is satin-ish, with no obvious shimmer, while it's not entirely matte, it comes off pearly-smooth. Over an eye-primer, I say the colors can last for 3 - 4 hours. So, no, not exactly long-wearing.

I like this palette, but it's not a must-have. If your not desperate for a shadow palette, you can give this a miss, don't need to run out and buy it today. Really. It retails for RM18.90 for now, and there are 5 other shades available. The other palettes have pastel-like colours, and wee bit too teeny-bopper for me!! I like colours other than the regular shades, wearing pastels may make me look like I'm desperately clinging on to my teenage years!! So no, I think this Smokey Charm palette is fine for me, thank you very much!

Bonne Bell Lip Gear in Manic Mellon (Matte)

Just as I was about to pay for the palette, I saw a row of Bonne Bell lipsticks by the cash register, selling for RM5! I couldn't resist!!

I have not seen Bonne Bell in Malaysia before this, so this find was quite a lark! Naturally, Yours Truly grabbed one! The colour I bought is called Manic Melon, which is supposedly a matte red-coral lipstick but the texture is quite creamy, so I'm not sure why it's called a 'matte lipstick'!

Anyway, it's a RM5 lipstick, so don't expect miracles. The texture slides a little on my lips and if you have super dry lips, you might find it settles in the cracks of your lips, and make it look even drier. The formula isn't drying but it certainly isn't moisturising as well. And no, it doesn't last at all. This lippie kinda reminds me of those awful "moisture-something" from Maybelline some years back.

I bought this for sh!ts and giggles; I liked the colour, but that's about it. I'd go back and buy more for the colours, but the blah texture keeps me from doing so. Maybe you can buy this for your tween daughter/niece/sister.

I found both the Silkygirl palette and Bonne Bell lipstick at the small Guardian in Kelana Jaya.