Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beauty Binge: Move over 88, here comes the 80-color palette!

After being less-than-impressed with the 88-color palette, I told myself that I should stick to what I've always believed - any palette with more than 5 shadow colours will just confuse the heck outta me, and the multi-coloured palette will end in cold storage. I played with the 88-colour palette for a bit, but later found that I couldn't be arsed to figure out what colour coordinates with which shade. I normally like using colours from one palette instead of grabbing colours from different sources, but having 88 colours is just too mind boggling for poor lil' ol' me. Plus, some of the colours are too sheer, which p!ssed me off royally! So in reality, you get less than 88 good colours. Grrrr...

But my love for colours got the better of me. I was offered the Manly 80-colour palette at such a bargain, I could not say 'no'! So here we are. Another colourful palette with a ton of colours added to my already growing, bulging stash.

I just couldn't wrap my head around the brand name: "Manly". Manly. Manly? LOL. Apparently I learned that "Manly" is pronounced as "Mun-lee". If you read Chinese, you'll notice that the characters will spell out "mun lee" instead of the hilarious "Manly". Well, at least that was what I was told. I don't read Chinese, so if you told me it reads as "God", I'll still believe you!!

"Mun-Lee" Professional 80-color shadow palette

The palette was already bubble-wrapped in its white packaging and I thought that was a nice precautionary touch. I imagine this palette is quite fragile as well, but none of the shadows in my palette broke, cracked or shattered!

There are 8 matte colours in this palette, the rest are satin/pearl, shimmer and down-right metallic. The shimmers are quite chunky and frosty, but the colour pay-off is made of pure awesomeness!! The frosty ones tend to have a little fall-out every now and then so your best bet is to pat the shadow instead of swiping it on. As you can see, the shadows are in square pans and are bigger than the 88-color palette. It opens up to 2 stacked trays which you can pull one out to slot it in on the cover.

I wished I knew about this palette earlier, so that I can just be happy with this without purchasing the not-so-legendary 88-color palette. Too bad I didn't discover this during my ground events and stage show days. This would've been perfect, with the intensity and all, when I had to do my own make-up for shows.

Yeah, this palette (and the 88-colour palette for that matter) is great for stage work. Maybe a wee bit too bright for day to day wear, even the browns "shout" at you. They're great for night time, if you wear a lot of makeup for clubbing and such.

Nevertheless, I really like this palette, even if it is 8 colours short from the "mighty" 88-color palette, this one's more fun to play with! None of the colours are sheer, chalky or hard to blend, so I don't feel cheated. Now I need to go cook-up some looks with this baby...

Thanks for reading!