Monday, May 18, 2009

Beauty Binge: 88-colour palette all hype?

Gawd knows how long I've been eye-balling this palette!

I've seen the tutorials on YouTube, I read all the rave reviews, I followed the discussions in beauty forums, I've stared at the pictures of this palette on, beauty blogs, and yet I kept giving myself excuses not to get it. Why? Simply because there were too many colours! What was I going to do with so many colours? I have way too many trios and quads in my stash, I just didn't need another palette - especially one with 88 colours!!

But.... I caved and finally got one. Cheaper than CoastalScents. Cheaper than eBay. I didn't have to wait forever for the palette to arrive. Order and pay today. Got it the next day. Found this exact palette from This girl was selling it for a mere RM59! And trust me, I had been logging on to her thread for months trying to decide - buy or not, buy or not. Finally, it's mine! I was excited! Yessssss!!!! I have all the colours to complete my every make-up needs!!

Who was I kidding?? *smirk*

This palette is all the rave especially in the US. Funny how a no-brand made in China item can be so popular! And stuff like that have been flooding the Malaysian market for years! It's true what they say: when it's not there, you look for it; when it's under your nose, you don't see it! I bet this palette has been in Malaysia for a while. It just hasn't been getting the attention until now. tsk tsk.

The 88 colour palette I have is the 'regular' one - some colours are satin, some are matte, maybe a couple of colours are metallic. Yes, they are gorgeous!! I sure have a weakness for palettes like these! The pans are the size of a 5 sen coin and according to the ingredients list listed at the bottom of the box, they contain among others: Talc, Mica, Mineral Oil and all sorts of Prabens. If your allergic to talc, hate mineral oil and trying to be praben-free, you can pass on this palette!

I tried at least 3 different looks with this palette. Boy! They sure are pigmented! But....with all the looks that I did, they turned out chalky on me. Am I doing something wrong here?? The mattes are hard to blend, and some colours came out splotchy. Some of the lighter colours are a bit too sheer for me, but the satin colours are alright. I wasn't wow-ed. I was hoping they would be as silky as the NYX shadows. But even the $.99 Sally Girl shadows apply waaaaay better! What an anti-climax!

The colours are powdery. Dip your brush in the pan, and you get powder everywhere! So you do get fall-outs. I *love* bright shadows, but you need to be super light-handed to apply these, because just a little goes a (bright!) long way. If you like natural and subtle make-up, I dare say this palette is not for you!

5-sen size pans

They're also quite fragile. I found four colours shattered when I received my palette - 1 shattered completely and had just a little left stuck to the sides, 2 colours was halved, and 1 other colour was slightly damaged. Oh! Well! They're still usable though, plus I have 84 perfect colours left! Not too much of a loss!!

Bottom line is, for me, this palette is nice to have, but not a must-have. I know there are a lot of beauty gurus who recommend this to those new to eye make-up, but I personally disagree. I always think it's wiser to start small. Start from the bottom and work your way up. At least that was what I did, and I didn't lose anything. I started out with duos and trios, where the colours were already given, so it takes the guess- work out in coordinating the shades. I studied my eye shape, understand colour placement, identified where my crease, outer 'v' etc are, learned to use different brushes, worked, and worked and worked on my blending. Once I was comfortable with that, I graduated to a quad and learned the art of layering colours.

I couldn't possibly learn all that when I have too many colours to confuse me. For one, I wouldn't know how to coordinate the colours! So I suggest if you're trying to learn eye shadow application techniques for your eyes, start small. It's a lot easier working with 3 colours than with 88.

I doubt these colour palettes will go out of style anyway, so you can always come back to buy them. As for me, I'm not giving up yet! I need to play with this palette more and find colours that can work better on me. After all, I have 88 colours to choose from, right?

Thanks for dropping by. Have a good day!