Friday, May 8, 2009

Beauty Binge: Weekend Warriors

I don't know about you, but I can't bear to leave the house bare-faced! And I blame it on the 12 years in the entertainment industry (I've got to blame someone)! I know a lot of women prefer to keep it natural on weekends to "give the face/skin a break", but for me, even after a week of make-up, I still need to have something on my face on weekends. Make-up is just not an addiction or a passion, it's a way of life for me! The truth is, I have massive "Prada & Gucci" black bags under my eyes, and when you've had a night out in town the night before, sleeping in the day after, showcasing "the bags" to the world is just not an option!

Plus, I have deep-set eyes, "the bags" are part of the "package"..


Of course I have left the house without a stitch of make-up on, but that doesn't happen very often. More often than not, I have at least concealer, a light dusting of powder, mascara and lipbalm. I normally don't do my eyes very much, and leave the colours at home.

My husband J and I have a routine on the weekends: Saturday's when the cleaners are at the house, so we'd leave the house around 10-ish for brunch, and will only be back 2 hours later. Sometimes I go out to have coffee with friends, but most times, I'd be at home with J.

Sunday's the day when J would normally wake up past noon and we'd hurry off to have late lunch nearby.

So I don't mind fuss-free make-up on weekends and especially on hot days, who wants to pack it on, right?

The weekend is where my mineral make-up collection gets used. For some odd reason, I have no luck with mineral make-up. Yes, it's gentle on my skin. Yes, it gives me whatever coverage I want. Yes, it does
n't feel heavy. But regardless what I do, with or without primer, with or without powders, I get so oily in less than an hour after I have it on! It's exasperating! I love my mineral foundation! Apart it being a bit messy to use, it gives me a nice, natural finish. The oil factor is why I only keep mineral application for weekends, since I am not outdoors for long.

In my search to find the right mineral make-up, I have managed to collect quite a few brands: Everyday Minerals (EDM) - I like these the most! So gentle and they have a huge colour collection; Signature Minerals - like these too, very gentle to the skin, not much oil control though; Bare Minerals (BM) - it's OK, don't quite like the 'shimmer/glow' factor they have in their products; and The Body Shop minerals - my least favourite. Oxidises on me and makes me very oily very quickly!

On uber-lazy days, I just lightly dust BM'sMineral Veil but I never leave out the concealer! I've been using EDM's concealers for a while now, and I quite like them. They don't conceal very much but using them does help a bit. At least I don't look so tired when I'm not! My favourites are EDM Sunlight concealer, and lately am loving Abbot's Perk Me Up concealer. I use Coastal Scents (CS) big pink fluffy blending brush with the concealers. I sometimes put on blusher but a staple is BM's Clear Radiance - love the way this light pink powder makes the whole face brighter and more awake!

Weekend staple: Bare Minerals Clear Radiance

For eyes, I keep in simple: black eyeliner to tightline (line under the upper lids for a more natural, wide-awake look, and this technique also gives volume to your lashes!), and mascara, usually Wet n' Wild MegaVolume, an ordinary mascara, doesn't smudge and dries quickly, it's a no-fuss mascara, basically. I didn't notice any volumising and thickening like it claims, but it's a nice enough mascara for the weekends. I don't like to line my lower lids because it accentuates my dark circles, so I leave my lower lash line bare.

Wet n' Wild MegaVolume Mascara

Lips, just lipbalm, preferably tinted. I like MAC's Tendertone lipbalm in Honey Bare and NYX's Tinted Lip Spa in Hush.

Puss' weekend warriors

Enjoy your weekend!