Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beauty Binge: MAC Studio Fix Powder with Fix Plus

I have never been a powder foundation kinda gal. Even on rushed days, I make time to put on liquid foundation and normally reserved cream for nights. I love how liquid and cream foundies look and feel on my skin - smooth, even-toned, buildable and natural.

I know a lot of women prefer powder foundation as it is quick and easy. I just don't fancy the powdery look that comes with it, and sometimes, it can look cakey. I can have a powder foundation compact in my handbag and not use it for months. I'm also not much of a touch-up girl which also explains the untouched powder compact in my bag. Nevertheless, I do have one for my "just in case" moments, but that doesn't come by too often...

It must have been a twist of insanity when I was asking around for a good and affordable powder foundation. I guess I wanted to jump on the bandwagon of "quick and easy make-up". I don't know who I was trying to kid, but yeah, I had many suggestions pointing at the direction of MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. Great! I love MAC! It's probably the only high end brand I truly adore! So off to the MAC store I went.

I bought my
MAC Studio Fix Powder for less than RM100, with my MAC Pro Card. I was in entertainment, remember, so I do get these kind of perks every now and then. It was very reasonable, but it was *hate* at first try.

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First of all, it was THE WRONG COLOUR!! The STUPID MAC SA matched me to NC35, at least a shade lighter. Since my skin is notoriously known to oxidise quite quickly, it eventually adjusted to the right shade, but for the first hour, I looked like I had slapped on a carton of flour on my face. %#*&@! With the cr@ppy exchange policy in this neck of the woods, I couldn't change with the right shade, so I had to make do. %#*&@!

Second point,
MAC Studio Fix Powder looked powdery on me. I hated it. White and powdery...what an AWFUL combo! I just *hate* the look that has a layer of powder on my face, you know what I mean?? I see that in so many women here, and I wasn't about to add to that statistic! *cringe*

Lastly, I also learned it's an awful powder for photography! Because my Mac Studio Fix Powder was lighter than my natural skin tone, I had to use a brush to apply which eliminated the colour contrast in person. When the pictures came out, to my horror, I looked like I had a mask on!! It was awful! Apparently, some friends have also told me, even with the right shade match, Studio Fix Powder does not come off well in photographs. So I avoided using my Studio Fix Powder like the plague whenever I know there are cameras around.

Long story short, MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation is the least favourite of the MAC products I have (and with the MAC Pro Card, I have quite a bit!). For a long time, it stayed in my handbag untouched, until I took it out and stuck in the far, far corner of my make-up drawer.

I have used it once in a while, but after all these years, I hardly made a dent in it. I hate throwing away/giving away my make-up no matter how awful they are, so I improvised. Although using a brush cuts out the difference in the shade, it also applies sheer. And me no like sheer make-up. I like my foundation medium to full coverage. So even after finding a solution somewhat, it still remains my least favourite.

Until I was introduced to the wonderful world of MAC Fix +.... Holy Cow! Where have you been all my life?? MAC Fix + is a multipurpose spray that contains glycerin (which traps moisture into your skin to keep you moisturized all day), chamomile, green tea and a host of other healthy ingredients. It can be used at a mixing medium for loose pigments or make your frost and shimmer shadows brighter (not recommended to use with matte shadows!), to set your make-up, as a toner, refresher spray on a hot day or to cut the powdery look and feel of your powder foundation, just to name a few.

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Now, I've been told by the STUPID MAC SA, that MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation can NEVER be used wet, unlike most powder foundations. Since I hated the product, I decided to take a chance. Didn't care if I ruin it, as that would give me great reason to toss it out...

I made use of another product I regret buying - the
ELF Kabuki brush from their mineral line. The bristles felt like it was taken from a squirrel that's been run down by a car! OK. Too graphic, but really! It's so rough and scratchy! I must've washed the sucker for like a million and a half times, conditioned it, and it's still not as soft! So I just left it on the table unused, until now.

So OK, after that long background info (sorry!), here's how I normally use them: I'd spray Fix + on the kabuki, gently pat the kabuki on a tissue to get rid of the excess moisture, swirl it into my Studio Fix Powder, then apply.

The result is a smooth, non-powdery make-up, natural but still gives me that medium coverage I so loved. AWESOME!! I love it when I make something utterly useless, work!!

Like with all the products you can use wet: wet/dry shadows, mineralized duo shadows, mineral blushers, etc. you need to leave the cover
open overnight before storing. There's a wet patch on my powder every time I used it with Fix +, I just leave it open to dry. That way, your make-up won't get moldy.

Using MAC Fix + with powder foundation is also great these days, what with the crazy heatwave Malaysia has been experiencing lately. The powder feels lighter on the skin without compromising the coverage you want.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation + Fix Plus = Pure Love....

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Anonymous said...

Can you post the link to the fix spray? I can't find the fix spray on so please. I have been looking for that spray for months! said...

Here you go:

Mac Fix + Spray


Kitty said...

Wow! That MAC SA was very unknowledgeable indeed! I know a lot of people who use their MAC Fix+ Spray with the Studio Fix Powder and the Studio Tech Cream Foundation as well. I'm glad you found something that works for you!