Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beauty Binge: Glo' with Wet n' Wild!

I was looking for products that would give me a glowy, bronzed look. I live in Malaysia where it is summer all year round and the humidity is around 84%. So if your not careful, glowy can turn greasy in a matter of minutes. As much as I am happy we left the flat and boring mattes in the 90's, going glowy and dewy is tricky business in this climate. I normally like my foundations matte, but I do like to highlight my face every now and then.

When I saw this product from Cargo, I was intrigued. This looked like a multi-purpose product, which I also like. And their Beach Blush with 4 different shades looked interesting. This can double up as an eye shadow palette! But c'mon! I am not going to pay $26 for coloured stripes in a tin! So my hunt for an affordable alternative began. Yes, I am a bargain hunter, and I strongly believe you do not need to give up your left arm for a fabulous product.

Cargo Beach Blush
*image from cargo*

Over the last few months, Wet n' Wild has totally found its way into my heart. It's super-affordable, the products are fun to play with, and the quality has continuously been a pleasant surprise. Yes, I have a soft spot for this cheapie brand, and I am not ashamed to admit it. So when I saw its version of the Cargo Beach Blush, I was wildly ecstatic!

Wet n' Wild MegaGlo Illumintaing Powder retails for a mere $3.99 and comes in a plastic container. They come in 3 shades: Catwalk Pink, Spotlight Peach
and Starlight Bronze. I am pretty sure the pink would not show on my MAC NC40-42 skin, so I got the Peach and the Bronze shades.

*image from*

And whadyaknow! These turned out to be the pretty cousins of Cargo Beach Blush! I use them as a highlighter for instant cheekbones, although I notice these babies are not as shimmery. They're nice as a blush too as the different shades in the pan give you an interesting subtle mix of colours on your cheeks.

Another way I've recently enjoyed using them are as eye shadows! They are not too shimmery but incredibly pigmented. The different shades come off really well on my eyes, and they are easy to use as shadows. They are finely milled so they are not powdery and are smooth as silk which makes them very easy to blend.

I also always use this as the final step before I put my make-up away - lightly brush the colours all over my face just to complete the look. It makes my whole entire look 'warmer', and sunkissed which I really love.

The only gripe I have of this powders is that if worn as a blush or all-over powder, they don't last very long. On me, it disappears almost always after lunch. But surprisingly, the staying power is better as shadows. Hang on...oh yeah. Probably because I use eye primer underneath. But hey, you can't beat the price!

For $3.99, these perform really well. They are not too shimmery, so you won't end up looking like a grease ball even if you slightly over do it, and very pigmented. They are multi-purpose which is always great for traveling.

Spotlight Peach. Starlight Bronze.

Blusher, highlighter and eye shadow palette all-in-one. Another product worth checking out, from Wet n Wild!

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