Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hola Chicas.

I am still trying out different templates and backgrounds, so please bear with me. I don't like how some blogs are so heavily loaded with links that it takes a hundred years to fully load, so I am avoiding that with my blog. The problem is I get bored with things so quickly (makeup included - why do you think I have a truck load of products??) and there's always a need to change things around. I am still looking for an almost-perfect template (because there's
no such thing as perfect, if not this would be a dull place to live in!) so I will keep on trying different things on my blog. My apologies if these changes are giving you unexplained migraine and the sort.

Meantime, I had pretty nice make-up on yesterd
ay, so tomorrow's Make-up of the Week will be on yesterday's face.

OK dokes ... me going to tinker more on this notebook to see what else in the world wide web that catches me eye ...

Take care!!