Monday, May 25, 2009

Beauty Binge: Currrrl 'em lashes!

Truth to be told, I don't need eyelash curlers. I was born with long, curled lashes so having an eyelash curler is unnecessary. But I couldn't help myself! My ex co-host used to primp her lashes in between on-air sets and could never stop raving about her Shu Uemura eyelash curler. She has stick straight lashes and the device made her look more wide-eyed. On and on she went ... it's such a fabulous tool ... this thing is da bomb ... see now I have lashes, what would I do without my Shu ... bla bla bla. Such a little devil she was ... day in day out ... such a fabulous tool! Aiyoh! What's a poor girl like me to do but to get a pair myself, much to my co-host's amusement! But you don't need it!!

Hah! How can you stop a beauty addict from getting fabulous beauty tools?? At the time, I paid RM50 (price has increased since!), and yes, she was right. It is an
amazing tool ... although my lashes didn't really need it! But who cares?! I have the ShuUemura eyelash curler - the Godfather of all curlers!! WOOT!

Shiseido. Shu Uemura.

I was so besotted with my Shu curler, so much so I had it in my handbag at all times, and I used it whenever and wherever. Most times, in my car when I am stuck in traffic!! So since I have this curler in my handbag, I gave myself another reason to get another curler for home-use, when my make-up artist raved about the Shiseido eyelash curlers. *smacks forehead*

The Shiseido ones are a little pricier but my Gawd! They are awesome!! I also found out that I liked my Shiseido curler better - it's built better, and is more comfortable to use.

I finally caved after many other ELF products later, and bought their 'Mechanical Curler'. Nothing fancy - the spring action in the curler is what made it "mechanical" and boy! What a hit that was with me!! This simple feature made the ELF curler more fun to use. Ever since I have it, I've put my 2 expensive curlers to rest and have been reaching for the ELF. It's a dollar, it doesn't pinch, or poke like you would expect cheap curlers do. I was so impressed, I bought 2 more!!

2 extra ELF eyelash curlers I didn't need!!

However, ELF has 'improved' their curlers since.

For starters, the grips are bigger and bulkier, the colour of the rubber pad has been changed from white to black and now they provide an extra pad for your curler. The shape of the head, they way it performs still remain the same and am loving it even more because it's for a dollar!! I have such a soft spot for cheapo products that work like a million bucks!

ELF new. ELF old version. See the diff?

ELF new. ELF older version.

There's nothing special on the way I use them. I tilt the curler upwards so the head rests into my crease, hold for 10 seconds, release a little, move up a little on the lashes and clamp on for 5 more seconds, I get a nice curl rather then a 'bent'. I learned this way seemed to hold my curls up better even after I coat them with lashings of heavy-duty voluming mascara! Some make-up artists like to heat up their curlers with hairdryers so it curls better, but I 've never had that done to mine. My lashes are quite well-behaved.

I do realise I only have a pair of lashes and having 4 eyelash curlers (excluding the extra ELF I bought!) seemed a little wasteful, but I love them all the same. I seemed to be reaching for the ELF curlers more now, and sometimes I wished if I wasn't such a brand snob before, I would've saved a lot of money. Silly me.


You live and learn, I guess!

4 eyelash curlers for a pair of lashes ..ahaks!

Suddenly, I feel the need to curl my lashes ...

Have a great make-up week!!