Friday, June 5, 2009

Beauty Binge:Make Up of the Week

I don't do FOTDs or EOTDs, but I thought I'd pick one look from the week that I liked and list down the products I used in Make-Up of the Week.

I have not been using much make-up this week, and I'm blaming the heatwave that has hit Kuala Lumpur lately. I've been out and about and having full make-up on while your driving in KL seemed a little ... suffocating. So on most day
s over my sunscreen, I lightly dust on mineral foundation, eyeliner-smudged, light coat of mascara and tinted lip balm. Having on full blown make-up in this heat is just way too much work!! I need to feel comfortable being out and about in this crazy heat!

My youngest brother, Jen, is getting engaged this Sun
day, so I figured, yesterday I should do a look to see what's wearable for an important ceremony like that. It's going to be at the girl's house with thousands of relatives running around (both ours and hers), so it should be light make-up that'll look good enough in pictures and such. If your not familiar with Asian culture, engagements are a family affair, and requires a ceremony of its own.

I dug deep into my make-up drawers and found a long forgotten quad from EsteeLauder. I remember getting this when the collection was launched. I used it a couple of times, was completely disappointed with the results, so I chucked it way back there. The colour pay-off of most Estee Lauder shadows are never that great on me, this quad is n
o exception. My applications, if I remember correctly, turned out muddy.

EsteeLauder Graphic Color in Enigmatic Khaki

The dark brown colour is the hardest to blend - it was gritty and a chore getting the product on my brush!! That blue looks so vivid in the pan but I had to layer it over a white base for the colour to show up! The most pigmented was the khaki, and overall, the quad has a satin finish and is quite sheer. I wanted some colour on me and the colours being sheer was probably right for my brother's engagement ceremony. This quad is called the Estee Lauder Graphic Color eye shadow quad in Enigmatic Khaki.

Here's a rundown of the products I used:

Primer: Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel.
Concealer: ELF All-over Cover Stick in Fair for under eyes.
Foundation: ZA New York Energy Water to wet cosmetic sponge. ELF All-over Cover Stick in Light and Medium
, Maybelline Expert Finishing Loose Powder in Sand to set.

Blush: ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder.
Bronzer: Wet n' Wild MegeGlo Illuminating Powder in Starlight Bronze to highlight and to finish

Eye primer: MAC Prep+Prime Eyes in Medium Dark.
Eyes: MAC Fascinating eye kohl as base; EsteeLauder Graphic Color quad in Enigmatic Khaki - dirty champagne(top) to highlight, blue all over lid, dark brown in crease and outer-v to define, khaki(bottom) as a wash in crease; CoastalScents gel liner in Indigo Blue to line; SilkyGirl Long-wearing eyeliner in Black to tightline; SilkyGirl Long-wearing eyeliner in brown on lower lashline; Loreal HiP Drama mascara in Ultimate Blue Black.
Brows: The BodyShop Brow&Liner Kit.

Lips: ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Brownie Points.

I also found a cheaper alternative to MAC's Fix+. ZA New York Energy Water works the same way as Fix+. I wet a sponge with it and used it with the ELF Cover Sticks to sheer out the foundation application, or else the application can look too heavy and thick. Now, as much as I like full coverage foundation, there's a time and place for it! ZA New York Energy Water can also be used to set make-up or as a refresher. Exactly what Fix+ does!

(ZA New York is Asia exclusive).

I somewhat liked the outcome. This time the make-up didn't look muddy on me and the contrast of blue and khaki was quite interesting. This wasn't bold or intense nor was it boring, so I hope this look is subtle enough for Sunday's family do. Maybe I'll use a different foundation that day ... I really don't want my face to melt in this sweltering heat!

Y'all have a 'chilled' weekend, k!