Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beauty Binge:Mascara mania

If it's one thing I enjoy spending on, it's mascara. So much so, I had to stop collecting after 20 tubes!! No kidding! Yes I know they generally last for 3 months. And yes, I know I only have a pair of lashes. I binge on mascaras. When I was a student in the US, my American friends taught me the one item you must have is mascara! And have at least 2 coats on. 2 coats?? I didn't exactly do that as I am blessed with curled lashes, but I loved primping my lashes until they stood up like tooth picks!! I had so many tubes promising different effects. Well, that habit never really changed after I got back. I'd go bare faced except for mascara and lipstick.

So yes, I now have 20 tubes of mascara, plus one still in its packaging, unopened. For most of them, I have surpassed the 3 month period. But I still use them and figured, if I haven't gotten any kind of allergies, I think I'll survive! I'd like to review all of them one by one,
buuuuut I think I'll just do my favourites. By favourites I mean the ones I reach for the most and getting the effect I want from them.

The collection

FYI, I *love* big, fat lashes. Mine are curled and quite long, so I'm usually not bothered so much with lengthening. I look our for the volumising aspect of the mascara. If it makes me look like I'm wearing falsies, I'm sold. On top of that, sometimes I do put on falsies!! I'm weird like that, but yeah, I love full, fat lashes.

Fav 2: CG and SilkyGirl

I've always enjoyed CoverGirl mascaras, next to L'oreal. Even when it was still available in Malaysia, I used to have a tube or two. After more than 10 years being pulled out from Malaysia, I decided to purchase CoverGirl Volume Exact in Very Black when I went back to Sydney with Husband J last year. I was looking for the famous LashBlast but found this instead, and I am glad I did. Volume Exact gave me volume I so love. It dries fairly quick too. It has a rubber brush (me no like rubber brushes!), but it coats every strand of my lashes, even the tiniest ones without clumps, flakes or smudges. And it stays true black ( I look horrible in brown mascaras!!).

Awesome volume:CG Volume Exact
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This next mascara buy reminded me never to turn my nose up from budget products. It proved, yet again, that the item can be dirt cheap, but works like a million-bucks. Silkygirl Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara is a pleasant surprise. I normally don't buy waterproof mascaras, but for this, I had no choice as it was the only kind. It came in 4 colours: black, brown, blue and plum. I wanted to try this and it was on sale for less than RM20. I grabbed one, used it and whoa mama! I looked like I had falsies on!! It's made out of pure awesomeness!! I love that way this mascara looks on me, and although it's waterproof, it's not a b!tch to take off (MajolicaMajorca, Shu Uemura and Miin from SaSa, I'm looking at you!!). It has the traditional brush with an hour glass shape which I don't know what it's for. The formula is good enough. Definitely a great buy!!
Big love in a tube: SilkyGirl Lash Prism Waterproof
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Hope you are lovin' your mascara today!!