Monday, April 6, 2009

Beauty Binge:Hairy helpers!

Heavy rain!

I normally do not like gunk in my hair. Not even hairspray, let alone gels and mousse. I have one bottle of hairspray from L'oreal that I've only used like, twice. It's just the thought of having some kind of styling product in my hair is enough to keep me awake all night!

But I do *love* treatment products! So much so that sometimes I get overzealous with treatment stuff until my hair feels like a helmet on my head!! Here are my treatment stuff that I own:

L-R Joico thermal protectant; Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur leave-in conditioner; TiGi BedHead Ego Boost; Profess hair repair serum

I don't use them all at once though. The leave-in conditioning treatment I use in between washes, and I faithfully put serum or a thermal protection spray before I blow dry or iron my hair.

This leave-in pink spray conditioner from Schwarzkopf was initially bought as a substitute for a thermal protector. I had receive my straightening iron and I wanted some kind of heat protectant before I use heat on my hair. I couldn't find any at the drugstore and settled for this. It has 2 different liquid textures in the bottle, and you'd have to shake well before spraying it onto your hair. The first time I used this, I had spray on every section of the hair I wanted to iron. The result was sticky, helmet hair. Yech!My hair is thick and even with this spray it weighed down my hair. I even tried it sparingly, spraying it once over, and still my hair feels heavy after. This product, even for thick hair, is too rich. It smells nice and makes my hair shiny, but overall, I'm not a fan.

Profess Hair Repair Serum. My ol' faithful. I've used this leave-in water based serum for a long long time. This is a local product and has a pleasant scent to it. I've switched products recently and used Sebastian Potion No. 9 Wearable Treatment, but it didn't give my hair that added 'bounce' like this does. For RM30, this one here works like a dream! I love affordable products that work well! I use this before swimming and/or diving to protect the hair from pool and sea water that can be harsh. You need to work a dime size to your damp hair before blowing and if you want, work a little after styling for added shine and conditioning.

I was pleasantly surprised (and pleased!) when I saw this little bottle at one of the hair supply shops in Hartamas, KL. Joico Silk Result is a thermal protection spray specially designed for flat ironing, so I snatched one. It was on clearance at less than RM8.
But I don't know whether it does protect my hair when I iron, because it does make my hair a tad bit stiffer than usual. I still use this and work in a bit of serum after.

This product from TiGi Bedhead I love!! In fact, I've always enjoyed Bedhead products. Their packaging is fun and quirky! Ego Boost is a leave-in conditioner, and I've had this for years. This is the one I reach for in between shampoos, and it doesn't weigh the hair down. But at RM60 (or more) a pop, I'm not sure I'd re-purchase. With all the other treatment gunk I have, do I really need another bottle? But if you are seriously in the market for a leave-in conditioner, I would strongly recommend this baby. And how can you not love the bright colours!!

Now that my hair is shorter, I don't use as much product anymore. I don't have split-ends, and I'm not battling with dryness much anymore. Just the frizz and the cow-licks every now and then, but that can easily be fixed with a big round brush and a blast from the hair dryer.

Now that I am at home full-time, I should really get back into using pure coconut milk on the hair. It makes your hair healthier, shinier and unbelievably darker!

Nothing quite like natural products, eh?