Monday, April 20, 2009

Beauty Binge:UDPP, an urban legend?

I'm like everyone else, I never knew you needed a primer for anything, until I read the reviews, watch YT videos before deciding to own one. All the rave was on Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP). The god father of all primers. The product that keeps your eye shadows more vibrant for a longer time. The must-have "magic" potion. Gone were the days when make-up artists and beauty gurus used concealer as the eye primer. Gone were the days when your eye shadow would crease and fade by mid-day. The genius that is UDPP!!

When I finally got my grubby paws on this curvy purple bottle, I was over the moon! Finally! Now I am eligible to do 'proper' make-up!

UDPP: Urban legend or true legend??
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I was less than impressed. The goo was skin-colour with a sponge tip applicator. And the 'magic potion' went on like clumpy glue on my lids.
Maybe I'm doing this wrong? I tried again. And again. And again. After all, it is the god father of eye primers. Everyone loves this. Well, almost everyone. I did a bit more research and to my amusement, found a community of people who could not make this potion work for them too. What I also found out was that the UDPP is great for normal-oily lids. It's hard to work on dry lids. I had no idea what type of lids I have. I know my skin condition well enough, but my lids?? Hmmmm.

The UDPP refused to work on me. It was hard to blend, and when it did, it turned clumpy after it sets. Very frustrating!! And I now think it is the culprit for making my lids drier!!

The claim that is makes eye shadows more vibrant with longer staying power rings true. No crease. Awesome colour from start to end. And still looks fresh at the end of the day. It does help the shadows stick better too.

And what is with that bottle?? The packaging is unique, we can all agree. But I have to cut the sucker at some point to get a huge chunk of this goo out as it sticks to the sides of the bottle. A little impractical, eh? I'm still deciding whether I should bother doing that or throw the whole bottle out. It is at that point where it's tough getting the product out. I have to swirl the wand around to get anything to stick on the applicator!

Where eye primers are concerned, I've found love in L'oreal Decrease (drugstore brand!!). It does the same thing as the UDPP on me, without the clumps, the drying and that ridiculous bottle!! And Decrease is half the price!!

I've just only started trying
Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI), another famous high end eye primer, and this seemed gentler on my wrinkly, dry lids as well. But I've yet to take the TFSI on a real test drive! I live in humid weather. So it's a real test for a lot of products!

So in Puss' world, the
Urban Decay Primer Potion is just an urban legend.