Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beauty Binge:Paw-stamped & approved! April faves.

I am full of ideas lately!!

Since I have such a huge make up collection, I thought it would be great, at every end of the month, to list down 5 things I enjoyed using in that month. I get new products at least once a month, so some are new, some are old stuff tucked away which I have re-discovered. Enjoy!

April faves!!
In no particular order:

1. ELF mechanical eye lash curler.
I put off getting this for the longest time, simply because I already have 2 curlers (and a pair of lashes!). I have one Shu Uemura and one Shiseido, so who needs another one, right? After all, they're only like the eye lash curlers to have! Well....when you're a beauty addict/junkie/whore, there's always a reason to get another one!! Don't get me wrong, those 2 coveted curlers are everything they are set out to be, but to pay $1 for a curler that doesn't pinch and curls effortlessly is so rewarding!! Once again it proves to me that it can be cheap but works like a million-bucks, and I *love* products that surprise me. I've been using this faithfully, putting my 2 expensive curlers to rest. And that whole spring-thingy which makes it "mechanical"... such a big hit with little 'ol moi!

2. Wet n' Wild MegaLiner liquid eyeliner in Turquoise

I love Wet n' Wild! So far, the stuff I have from them have not disappoint me. Here's one of 'em. I am into coloured liners. The brighter and more colourful, the better! Coloured liners are great to use with natural make up, when you want to kick it up a notch. I find natural make up/angelic look the Asian market loves so much, incredibly boring! But I have a lot of natural palettes in my collection, so I use coloured liners to spice things up. I've also discovered I like liquid liners better than gel liners (which I have in multiple colours too). The MegaLiner has been a favourite among many beauty addicts, which now includes me. I love this colour too. Bright turquoise which glides on your lids, and it is very easy to use. The brush gives you a thin line (I like thin lines very close to the lash line), doesn't take long to dry and is budge-proof.

3. Wet n' Wild MegaEyes Trio in Mojave Mauves

I've raved about this little gem in a previous post, but I'll do it again just because it's that awesome! The colours are so pigmented, they are shimmery enough to make your make up look interesting and the coordinating colours are so easy to use. This is great for traveling when you don't want to bring too many things. It has a mirror that slides out from the bottom which may come handy when you are on the road and need to check your make up. Very recession-friendly at $2.99 a pop! Comes in a variety of other colours worth getting!

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Enriched Foundation
This claims to be transfer-resistant and long wearing, much like my beloved Revlon ColorStay foundation. I was so happy to see this finally sitting on the Rimmel shelves in local drugstores as I have been lemming for this for the longest time. This foundation is so great to use in this hot, humid weather. It doesn't melt and doesn't oxidise much on my skin (which is notorious for that!), very buildable, goes on smoothly, and very easy to blend as it doesn't dry too quickly unlike the Revlon ColorStay foundie. I like that it gives medium coverage and I can work it to full coverage quite easily. With drugstore foundations, the challenge is finding the correct shade due to the limited colours. I found the purr-fect shade for me - 202 Nude. Boo-yah.

5. ELF Studio PowderBrush

The thing about make up is you can be as creative as you can. I've used paint/art brushes as make up brushes and they work just as good, with half the price tag! This brush says "powder brush" but I think I've only used it with powder like, twice! When I got this, I was going to use it with my mineral foundation, but just for fun, thought I'd play with it and try with my liquid foundie. This is my staple foundation brush. It's a flat top, it's synthetic, it's dense, and it out-performs my MAC 187 stippling brush any day! I don't need to spend so much time stippling, I just buff and go! And this gives me a flawless finish! Such an awesome brush, all for $3!!

My April loves, paw-stamped and approved!

April faves!

Which make up have received your stamp-of-approval this month ?