Friday, April 17, 2009

Beauty Binge:An apple a day...

I've never really been a fan of body sprays. The scent doesn't last long enough for me to be excited over them. I'd much prefer EDTs and perfume oils. My best friend Liza gave me a couple of bottles from Victoria Secrets' Body Mists in Love Spell and Strawberries & Champagne some 8 years ago. I kept the former but eventually gave away the latter because I couldn't stand the scent! 8 years later, I still have the bottle of Love Spell, albeit with a little left. Like I said, I am not too fond of body mists/sprays.

Victoria Secrets (VS) and Bath & Body Works (BBW)
are not available in Malaysia. However I am told you can get BBW products in Singapore. But in this day and age, "can't get" doesn't necessarily mean "unobtainable". You don't need to fly all the way to the US to buy the products. These days, there are people who will do that for you, or order them for you online. You just need to pay a small middle-man fee, and maybe, postage. I found a small booth set-up at The Curve (mall) selling VS body products. I bought a couple at an outrageous price of RM55/bottle! The bottles are on my vanity table, collecting dust. *sigh*

The collection

I enjoy flowery scents, but not so much fruity scents as swe
et smelling anything makes me a little sick! So it was a surprise when I took to BBW Country Apple Body Spash like a bee to honey! I have read countless reviews and raves on this particular scent, and it didn't take much convincing to haunt for one. I found a (Malaysian) blog selling this and quickly inquired. To my delight, the seller has one last bottle of Country Apple left! Talk about great timing! And luck!
Taken from the BBW website, here's what they say about Country Apple:

This fresh combination of ripe, red apples and creamy blossoms is as delightful as an orchard in springtime.
  • Light, refreshing mist leaves skin pleasantly fragranced
  • Fragrance Top Notes: Living Green Apple
  • Fragrance Mid Notes: Apple Blossom, Muguet
  • Fragrance Base Note: Musk

I still am not a huge fan of body mists and I haven't been spraying this on regularly, but I do *LIKE* it! The scent is not too sweet, and has a certain freshness to it. I just have a problem with the spray nozzle - it leaks when I spray it on me, so I get drops of Country Apple dripping down my hand. Ugh!
BBW Country Apple

Other than that, I think if I (ever!) finish this bottle up, I'll definitely re-purchase. BBW Body Splashes retails for $10.50 on the website, but you may get BOGO deals if you're lucky. And, there's this nasty rumour about this scent being discontinued... Can't confirm how far that's true.

So, let's see how long this bottle will last me...remember, VS' Love Spell is still 'going' after 8 years...

VS Love Spell...still going...