Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beauty Binge:Goin' Wet n' Wild over MegaEyes!

I love a bargain! Especially with products that don't cost much, but deliver a punch.

Like most Malaysian (Asian, in general) women, I a
m a brand snob. Err...excuse me, lemme re-phrase that: I was a brand snob. I spent 12 years in the shallowest of all industries - entertainment - where you are judged by the cost of your shoes (or handbags, or watches etc)and the cosmetic brand you slap on your face. Like many others, I eyed only high end brands...because I chose to believe that brands with a 'name' has quality. As I go along, I realized that not all the products in high end brands, or any brand, are good. Some may work, some may not. And so, I turned to do the unthinkable in this shallow industry - buy and use drugstore products. I now choose to spend RM20 on an eyeshadow quad, as oppose to RM70 on one eyeshadow colour. I love the challenge of buying something with no brand and making it work. So far, I find more drugstore brands that deliver better than the high end brand products I've used.

I ditched the high end stuff, and my love affair
with drugstore products began. Unfortunately, in Malaysia, the options of drugstore makeup is quite limited (and expensive! RM60 for a foundation? C'mon L'oreal!). But, hey! This is 2009 - there are tonnes of options these days: online shopping, sprees, swapping and the like. When there's a will, there's a way. Also, in my 12 years in entertainment, I've tried and collected (too) many cosmetic products.

I used to scoff when I see the
Wet n Wild brand in someone's wishlist or shopping list. These days, I'm on a major Wet n Wild kick. There has been some positive reviews on some of the stuff, so I've decided to give it a chance. I remember Wet n Wild from my college days waaaaay back in the 90's. They were cheap! I used to buy their eyeliner pencils in multiple colours and they cost less that a dollar each.

Over the years, the quality of this brand improved,
but the price remained the same. And in this time when the economy is down the dumps, I turn to super-affordable products to feed my makeup addiction.

So I looked into my stash and I decided to give their eyeshadow trio a go. It's called Mega Eyes, and the trios I have is Mojave Mauves. *picture from*

I love purples, mauves and plums so this palette is right up my alley. Lemme tell ya, I was impressed!! This baby delivers!! The colours are pigmented, and like any eye shadows, over a good base, the staying power is quite good. I love this pallete so much so that I am contemplating to getting a couple more colours. For $2.99 a pop, it's a recession-friendly product!

In this palette, you have a shimmery light pink with slight lavender-goldish undertones as your highlight. This colour I'm guessing in called 'Fine Wink' which is a dead ringer of Mac's 'Naked Lunch'. The crease colour is a deep burgundy/plum colour, and the mid-brown taupe colour at the bottom is for the lids. I like palettes, especially trios. All you need is in one palette and this here is great for traveling.

If you're building your eye makeup collection, or you're a novice and trying to make sense of eye shadow application, this is a great buy. It's not chalky, and the colour payoff is great. You won't be disappointed. I wasn't ;) But don't go throwing this in your handbag because they shatter easily. Nevertheless, a great buy. And did I mention the price is at $2.99?