Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A year later...



Yes, time flies! It was exactly one year ago when I decided to blog about nothing, everything and anything. And here we are, one year later, this blog is still about nothing, everything and anything!! When I decided to blog, I didn't plan what the theme would be, so I thought I'd write about all that is happening in my life. Much like a diary, which I used to write faithfully when I was in my teens. So this blog started out just for personal reasons. It still is. In a year, I've done journals on my travels, my experience having gone through surgery, my new found love in cooking and of course, my beloved cats.

I am also still unemployed, and it looks set to stay this way for a while. I do envy those who do work though, but I count my blessings everyday in a time like this, Husband J can still manage to carry my financial burden and keep us afloat. My spending money has shrunk, I've had to drastically change my lifestyle, and I have found comfort in staying home. I am budgeting better than ever which resulted in a surge of interest in drugstore makeup products, especially those you can't find in Malaysia. And when it's unavailable to you, you tend to pull all your resources to get hold of them. My makeup skills have improved, my blending techniques though
basic, is a lot better than when I was working, and my product knowledge is A+! I have time now to throng the Internet and read up some of the more popular beauty blogs and watch makeup videos on YouTube. I'm still mulling over whether I should take up a makeup course - I believe I can do really well!!

A year ago, my passion was shoes. I don't think I even bought any until a few weeks ago. And this pair was so marked down, I just had to buy it before it's taken off the shelves for good! I had been eye-balling this pair of fierce shoes for months and was extremely delighted and surprised it was still selling. And they had my size!! Hallelujah!!

The only pair in a year and they are f-i-e-r-c-e!!

The interest shifted to makeup. Here's a sneak peak at the pile I've amassed in this one year..

Some makeup items collected in the past year!

I did say sneak peak, right? Uh-huh, those are not everything I have. Yes, there are more that I didn't dump on the floor for a photo-op. Yes, I have turned into a serious makeup addict/junkie/whore!

I'll do reviews on the products too, since I have tried so many. But no, this will not be a full-fledged beauty blog - I refuse for it to be! So until I take off on another holiday adventure, or cook an amazing meal that's beyond roast, pasta, rissoles, there will be plenty to read under the 'Beauty Binge' label!