Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stop Press! Puss' back blogging!


OK, yes. I have been a lazy bum lately...

I've been very poor at blogging entries this month, I know. I have no excuses. Quite frankly, I don't know what to blog about these days. The only thing I am excited about is my makeup, but there are way too many beauty blogs and I really don't want to add to that statistics. Plus, I do believe there's more to my life than makeup!!

I thought of opening up another blog, strictly on makeup and all things beauty. No FOTD's or EOTD's, just reviews on the many products I've used. But then I thought, I can't even maintain one, let alone to have two blogs, so that idea was thrown out. I can still write about makeup products here, as I have a tag especially for that called: beauty binge. So I guess that'll work. But I do want to write about other things besides makeup. The travelling journals I wrote are quite fun, though that took forever to finish! I write about my cats. They're always a joy to write about, but this blog is also for personal consumption so I do want to touch on a variety of things happening in my life.

Next month, April, makes this blog one year old. And for a year old blog I don't think I have made it into anything spectacular. Like I said, the main purpose of this blog is for me, moving on from diaries when I was a teenager. But I do want to write more often, and right now, the one thing that I can consistently write about is makeup.

However, this blog will continue to touch on everything and anything: beauty, food, cats, family, travels, friends etc. Whatever makes my life, gets a mention in this blog, just how it was meant to be a year ago.

On a different note, I've resurrected the Mac again. It was shoved in one corner because the power adapter died and it took forever for Machines at The Gardens to order a new one. They were supposed to call, but 3 months later, nothing. So I went to see them and paid RM349 for a new power adapter. Now it's back in business, yet again. The HP is getting a rest, after serving me faithfully for that whole time. I think the HP is going to quit on me soon. I've been using it heavily lately, and sometimes I was sure it was huffing and puffing. So thank God I got off my ass to get the Mac working again.

Tell you what, come April in a few days, I'll do a summary on all the things that have been happening this past year. Yeah, that's an idea!

So 'till then..