Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's not easy being a cat!!

Mom made a comment a couple of days ago after she arrived here from PD. Mok's tail is smaller!!


I took a closer look. How could I have missed that?

Truth is, the tail hasn't gotten any smaller in size, it's just not as fury anymore. Mok has a heavy coat, and his tail looked like a feather duster. This time, it looked scrawny, and we feared our beloved feline has contracted some kind of skin disease.

Mok doing his 'rounds'

Mom took Mok to the vet, and came back tickled. The poor boy is stressed! Which is why he has been shedding a lot of fur! A random male cat has recently been seen hanging out at our garden a lot. Didn't seem to bother Mok, he'd just sit and look. That apparently, bothered him, because as we all know, cats are extremely territorial. The only difference is, Mok's a castrated male, so he doesn't mark his territory. But he is still very territorial, and the garden is his domain. So having some random male cat in his domain has caused him to shed some fur!

I guess life in general, for anybody is not easy huh! Here we were, thinking, Mok's life is pretty much cut out for him, and now we know he has stresses in his life too.

It's stressful being a cat!

That poor boy!

But we still love him dearly!

He's turning 13 this July, and Raisa is a gorgeous 18 year-old! That's like over 100 years old in human life. And tomorrow, I'm taking Raisa to the vet to get that gross growth on her foot checked out.

Sorry Mok, I guess it's not easy being a cat after all!! But we got your back always baby!