Friday, February 27, 2009

Travels:Laos. The Golden Stupa.

Day 15
Saturday,January 3, 2009.

Back in Vientiane, and this time, we are staying at a more comfortable hotel called the Tai-Pan. It's across from the Mekong and right in the heart of the buzz of Vientiane. I like this hotel better. It's new, modern and the breakfast hall do not stink!! This is the last day in Vientiane and the only full-day here before we leave for KL.

Husband J wanted to go back to Patouxai ("Ptooi!" in J-language!!) because he lost the pictures from when we first got here. I was cool with that, as long as we do not have to climb up that darn building again!! J wanted to capture the building with the right light (yawn! Photographers!), so we hired a tuktuk. This time, J created a bit more buzz. It's Saturday, and it was not hot, so there were a bit more people and tourists around. A group of Lao boys found J's height very amusing and decided to take pictures with him!! It was a lark! And that opened doors to people around us asking where he is from and most importantly, how tall is he!! And, I was conveniently referred to as "your woman", even though J kept repeating "my wife". Yep! They think I'm a Thai prostitute!! Grrr...

Patouxai - revisited!

Right after, we had to rush off (to catch the sun - yawn! Photographers!) to the golden Buddhist stupa, That Louang, about one and a half kilometres from the Patouxai. It was already late in the evening, so the wat was closed. This is perhaps the most important religious building and Laos' national symbol. We got off the tuktuk across from a field that looked like it is being built for something - a car park perhaps? Or concrete grounds for stalls? The grounds surrounding the stupa is huge with small gardens and a small shrine at the entrance. We took pictures, walked around a bit, climbed on our tuktuk, and head back to the hotel.

Entrance of That Louang

That Louang, the national symbol of Laos

We were out for dinner one last time by the Mekong. Tomorrow we head back to good ol' KL.

This has been one amazing journey!