Friday, April 10, 2009

Beauty Binge:Like love & marriage

Husband J one day pointed at my many 'skunk' brushes and said they looked like a bunch of dead animals on my table. True, I have collected too many stippling brushes, as part of my endless quest to look for the perfect dupe of the coveted Mac 187 duo fibre stippling/skunk brush. I have one Mac 187, but it is an SE, and it is safely tucked away in its pouch whilst I hunt for a cheaper alternative. They were a few, found at Chamelon KLCC, on, from and They were great with the powders, but when it came to the liquids, I got skunk fibres stuck to my face! Sigh. I really wasn't going to spend RM180 on a brush! So I tolerated the poor dupes. After all, stippling/dual fibre/skunk brush is the brush for airbrushed foundation application. Or so I thought.

Mac 187 duo fibre brush. Image from

Introducing Sonia Kashuk's synthetic flat top blush brush. Not just for blush, but has also passed the test of applying liquid foundation. I was thrilled!! However, it's exclusive to Target, and we don't have Target here in Malaysia!! Sprees for are far in between, and this brush is about $14.99. Nope. Not going to spend that much on a drugstore brush...

Sonia Kashuk's flat top blush brush. Image from

Enter the ELF Studio Powder Brush....

When I got this, I was like, hmmmm...flat top, synthetic fibres which work great with liquid and cream products....why not try?? I worked it with my brand new Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, stippled and gently buffed the foundation in, and voila!! I got the airbrushed look in no time!! OMG! It worked!! I was amazed!! It took shorter time then the stippling brush to stipple/buff in the foundation, and this brush only costs $3!!

They're like love & marriage!

Finally! I have found the
perfect pair!!