Monday, April 27, 2009

Beauty Binge:Ole faithfuls

I find the idea of using the same brands over and over again a tad bit strange. I know there are people who swear by the same brand, but I just can't imagine doing that when there are so many brands and products in the market to try! I am usually loyal to my skincare, and hardly ever change brands. When it works for you, it works for you, But even then, I've only use my skincare brand for about 5 years.

When it comes to make up and hair products, I'm a bit more adventurous. Just like make up, I collect multiple brands, and change often. It's the curiosity that drives me to use multiple products. But sometimes, over the course of time, you tend to go back to the older brands you've tried simply because
they worked better. At least I've tried others before deciding what really works for me.

I *love* trying different shampoo brands, and they are usually high end. Unlike make up, high end shampoos have better ingredients, and less soap, so they don't lather up too much, which is great, because it doesn't dry up my hair. It's less scented and had better moisturising properties. I don't colour my hair, but I do re-bond my hair once a year at least. I believe when yopu do any kind of chemical treatment on your hair, be it colour or perm, than you have to go the extra extra mile to take care of it. Just wash and go won't cut it, which I see with a lot of my friends and other women do. I wash using good shampoo, and hardly use a conditioner. Instead I use a mineral based treatment mask as my conditioner. When it's mineral based, it's not too heavy for your hair. I also avoid using cream treatment mask, because those things are 'heavy'. Where treatment masks are concerned, I just grab a locally made one in a big tub.

The one shampoo I used many times was
Kadus' Kaprothin shampoo. It's made of awesomeness, I tell you!! My hair had been subjected to many straightening treatments, and this shampoo calms and relaxes my hair, whilst moisturising it without weighing it down. I used to buy it in a litre bottle, but unfortunately, this has been discontinued.

Kadus replaced it with an equally good line called Kadus Imunal. I normally buy the Repair shampoo which is said to have the same calming and moisturising properties as the original Kaprothin. I used that for years before deciding to branch out and use other brands.

Lately, I went back to Kadus, but this time, I've decided to try their Hydro line which is for normal to dry hair. By hair is anything but normal, but since it shorter, I figured I don't need such a heavy duty shampoo anymore.

Kadus Imunal shampoo

Another product that is a staple in my bathroom is the drugstore brand St. Ives. I've loved the Apricot Scrub since my teen days and used it through my college days into my working days. When I had a little bit more money to splurge, I'd try different brands, but kept coming back to this one. The grains are a little rough for some people but I love the feel of them working on my skin. I feel it really does slough off dead skin!! I also use this as a body scrub and it has never failed me in giving me smooth skin!

My love for St. Ives extends to their clay firming mask. I've tried many brands too, and have discovered I dislike peel-off masks. I prefer clay masks better and my face feels less congested. St. Ives firming clay mask has given me blemish-free, oil-free smooth skin since I was a teen. This is also irreplaceable!

The blue goo that gives me smooth clear skin!

After all the years of testing and trying other brands, I doubt I'll find a permanent replacement for these babies.

These are my ole faithfuls!