Friday, April 3, 2009

Beauty Binge:Hairy tools


If it was one thing that I'm quite good at updating, it's my hair. Even from way back when, I faithfully would go to Nancy's to get my hair straightened and trimmed every 3 months or so. These days, I'm loving Milca's styling skills. Ever since she chopped off my locks, my hair has been cut in so many different short styles. I love them all! Milca makes me look young(er), stylish and updated, which is why I have ditched(!!!) Nancy for the younger Milca.

Today I made another appointment with Milca. It has been 3 months since my last cut, but honestly, my hair was still in shape. Only I would notice the kinks, but my hair has not gone out of shape. That's a sign of a good cut. But I was itching to take some of my growing hair off my neck. I loved the last style Milca put me in - angled bob at the back, straight long hair in the front. Yes, it's the "Posh bob" when Posh was first spotted out with the hairstyle. Of late, Posh has been spotten with short hair. Since I can't carry super short styles very well (round face, chubby cheeks), this cut fits me really well, so I am claiming this! I'm calling it the "Puss Bob"!!

So Milca trimmed the back of my hair, and a little in the front, and before I knew it, I was done! This is such an easy style to maintain as well, and with hair, I like no fuss-easy-to-style hair.

The Puss Bop!

Here's my hair stuff collectively, minus the shampoo and hair treatment cream which I use as conditioner:

I'm not big on styling products (hair spray, mousse etc) but am into treatment products. This is my hairdryer. Babybliss Professional Turbo 1.8kw, and it does a fabulous job. It has speed settings, temperature settings, and a cooling button which is important but I never use. With hair dryers, it's important to look for one which is at least 1.6kw, as anything lower may fry your hair instead of drying it. The one I have is a professional dryer and it had cost me a pretty penny.

The BabyBliss Pro hairdryer. Reliable!

The brushes I use are made of ceramic which are safer for the hair. The ceramic barrels help to dry the hair faster so you won't be spending so much time blow drying and damaging your hair. They don't come cheap as well, but they are awfully good brushes. My hair is less frizzy and damaged. My tail comb is a staple as well, and the wide tooth comb is used when my hair is wet.

Brushes and combs

I was a bit reluctant to use a hair straightener, since my hair has been re bonded a couple of times. Hair irons and curling thongs are the worst tools you can use on your hair. But I just couldn't resist when I saw this one up for redemption with the points I've collected with my credit card. What could be better than free stuff!! The brand is Swiss-made called Valera and I've seen it at electrical shops costing a bit of moolah. It has a digital temperature control, and most importantly has ceramic coated plates. I've used it every now and then when I am going out, but I try not to use it too often. *Never* use styling tools on wet hair. I always make sure my hair is 90-95% dry before I reach for the straightening iron.

Valera straightening iron

Have a fabulous hair day!