Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beauty Binge: Haulin' Everyday Minerals.

I'm stubborn. I have blogged on how mineral makeup makes me oily, and yet I still keep on trying 'em! I love Everyday Minerals. It's probably my favourite mineral line. And today, I just received my EDM haul. Ahhhhhh......this is love...

The packaging has changed since my last haul a year ago. For starters, the EDM logo has changed. Most notable, the sifter which I think a lot of people had issues with. The new sifter has a half cover that slides around to close, which minimizes spill out. Clever.

New sifter!

I bought:

Flat top and the long handled kabuki. When the whole wide world has already swooned over the softness of these brushes, I'm just about to try. Yeah, I'm a little slooooow. So now it's my turn to ooh and aah over these babies. Yes, they are awesome!

Top: Flat Top. Bottom: Long handled Kabuki.

Everyday Bronzer. I'm actually not a great fan of their blushes. Don't get me wrong, they have some of the prettiest colours, but I have never mastered applying the right amount on my cheeks. I almost always put too much on my brush, and end up having to buff and buff and buff to diffuse the colour! Their blushes are crazy pigmented and a little goes a long way. I wanted a bronzer, because I am addicted to bronzers, and this I learned is quite matte. This bronzer looks quite dark in the jar, so I must remind myself to go easy!

Pressed Foundation in Buttered Tan. OMG! I may have just found my shade! It's so perfect, almost! It's got enough yellow and gold to meld with my skin tone. Yay! The idea of a pressed mineral foundation (instead of a powdered one) drew me to get this. It comes in a neat compact with an attached see-through cover over the powder. I don't use the puff, but as with all mineral foundations, I use this with a brush and MAC Fix+. The feel is lighter on the skin without compromising the coverage. This way also cuts out the powdered look. However, I don't know if you can throw this in your bag for touch-ups and such. I think it's still too fragile to be rolling around in your handbag.

EDM Presses Foundation in Buttered Tan.

Start to Finishing Kaolin Powder:
Kaolin Powder in Soft Bronze. I have this in a sample jar, in Rice finishing formula. The rice formula doesn't really control oil as well as the kaolin does (which I have a sample in Sunlight), and so I decided to get a large jar in the Kaolin formula. This formula controls oil better, and I use this at the end to set my makeup. I like that it's tinted slightly, although it can also pass as sheer. I might get a large jar of the Sunlight Kaolin, since I like to use that shade as a primer.

EDM Kaolin Finishing Powder in Soft Bronze.

Bases: Olive Medium, Matte. This works, but the green undertones bother me!
Light Tan, Intensive. Too peachy.
Winged Butter, Intensive. Even in Intensive this is a little light and too yellow!
Concealer: Intensive Tan. Plan to use this to darken the lighter shades.
Blush: Snuggle. Peach colour. Sheer. Pretty!

Sample kit.

Ready Stock:
Pressed Blush in Waffle Cone.
I bought this off someone as I thought a pressed anything is less messier that the powdered formula! But when I opened this, there was powder everywhere! It's loosely milled so I don't think I can expect this to behave like a typical pressed product. I've heard good things about this colour though, and I may use this as a contour shade. Unfortunately, EDM no longer sells pressed blushers.

Pressed Blush in Waffle Cone.

I also got a mixing jar as I have too many samples lying around. Now I have a decent place to mix my mineral foundies!

OK dokes. I'm going to play with my minerals! Btw, receiving this package made me forget I still have fever! LOL!

Have a good day, y'all!



Connie De Alwis said...

oooh!! neat EDM haul! I thought EDM doesn't ship to malaysia anymore? :-/ heard only.

Buttered Tan is my perfect match too :) I love their blush! I only use what's on the sample lid with the baby kabuki and the amount is usually enough for both cheeks.

Waffle Cone is very pretty. It hardly gives any color on my skin though. It's more of a glow powder. said...

Connie: It's true, EDM doesn't ship to M'sia anymore, got these thru a spree via S'pore. Good tip on the blush - maybe I'll just use the sample lid. It's just too small, a bit annoying to squeeze my brush in there, but will try! If Waffle Cone hardly shows up on you, then it won't show on me! Oh! Well! It's still pretty to look at tho'!!