Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beauty Binge: Maybe it's a dud...

Maybe it's Maybelline!!
I have never been so frustrated with one brand like I am with Maybelline. I have absolutely no luck with this brand! Granted, I have not tried everything, but whatever I have purchased and tried, have been tossed in the bin, or given to someone else. Every time I hear Maybelline, I cringe. It's by far, my least favourite brand, drugstore or high end.

I never believe everything in a brand is good. But I also never believe that one bad product represents the entire brand. Like with Maybelline, it's been around since like forever. Gawd
knows how many stuff I have bought over the years, and I don't remember many things from Maybelline that have impressed me. I'm not biased against the brand, because even though I was constantly disappointed, I kept on giving it a chance.

Dream Matte Mousse Foundation: I didn't really care for the Asian-released Whitestay UV Mousse foundation, but was excited to see this original version in one of the stores. While I prefer matte foundations, this applied like cardboard on my face, making my pores looked larger than life. All of a sudden, my skin looked so parched dry, and so dull! I found this product to be dry and impossible to blend.

Great Lash Mascara: Still boggles my mind how this stuff can be a fave among many beauty editors! It was once sold here in Malaysia; I bought a tube, curious of its cult-like status, wore it only to find black shadows under my eyes by the end of the day, no thanks to this mascara. Many years later, I bought this again in Sydney, with the same results. It's too wet, it flakes, it smudges - all the things a mascara shouldn't do!

Maybelline Define-a-lash mascara: Like I said earlier, I always seemed to give this brand a chance, so I purchased this. I didn't like the flexible rubber brush - annoying to use, and this mascara did nothing for my lashes. And yes, it flakes. *sigh*

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Foundation: In the US it's Maybelline Mineral Power with different packaging. Why they needed to change the name and packaging is beyond me. This foundation is too runny, too sheer with zero oil-control.

Maybelline Expert Eyes Quad in Chai Latte: Whatever possessed me to buy this!! The colours are so unattractive, so sheer, so blah. This looked like mud on me!! I was sooo not impressed!!

However, I do have 2 products from Maybelline worth keeping. (See, I'm not biased!)

I like the Expert Finishing Powder. It's tinted, it's light and does a decent job at controlling the shine. Not fantastic, but decent.

The Dream Mousse Blush is lovely to use - so light and blendable, and I love the colour!! It's not too long-lasting though, but you can't expect long-wearing from a mousse blusher. Too bad they stop selling this here in Malaysia.

I don't like to diss a brand but I am pretty desperate to find one thing that I truly can love. I even tried the legendary Turbo Boost Mascara in regular and waterproof, and it sucked on me. Too wet, flaked on me, did nothing to my lashes. Not that I have hard to curl lashes!!

I have been looking at the powder minerals, especially the blushers, but my years of disappointing experience with Maybelline has kept me from buying them.

I realised that this may be different for everyone. So I'm wondering, is there still hope for me and this brand? Surely they all can't be duds!

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chloe said...

ooo...i was watching a video on make-up tutorials. this girl highly recommend the maybelline chai latte!! makes me wanna buy 'em so quickly! LOL just wondering if u r not using it why not sell it to me? it is so cut throat to buy online >.<

chloe said...

One more thing! I've also read your entry on L'oreal Hip Duos...which two do u recommend? im getting sassy i think..and cant make my mine for the second one said...

Hey Chloe! Sassy's a pretty nice duo. Both colours are very pigmented. Wicked's my fave out of the regulars - beautiful gold brown colour and matte plum. Also the metallics duos. Gorgeous!

Unfortunately, for now, I don't sell my cosmetics. And I'd still like to hang on to that quad to see if I can make it work again! But if I do want to sell, I'll definitely post it up! Thanks for writing in!!

Connie De Alwis said...

The only maybelline products that I really like are some of their mascaras. I never look into their eyeshadows or blush or base makeup (usually too fair anyway). The Mousse Blush is pretty decent :D I have mine in the same shade too. Bought for RM5 at a warehouse sale and loving it. said...

Connie: I wish I can love their mascaras. They all flake on me, even the w/p ones. but yeah, that mousse blusher is a winner!! :)