Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beauty Binge: Bobby Brown Makeup Manual

I must confess that I am not a fan of Bobbi Brown. I find her stuff overpriced, boring and underwhelmed. I did a photo shoot once using nothing but her products, and I was far from impressed. I don't see the point of spending so much time in front of the mirror to do makeup that makes you look like your not wearing any. I guess I love colours too much to embrace the whole natural-no-makeup look. If I want to go natural, I'll go bare faced, thank you very much! OK, maybe with a bit of concealer, mascara and tinted lipbalm, but I certainly wouldn't go the whole nine-yards just to look natural!

Which is why I was never taken by Bobbi Brown's products. I just don't get her whole beauty philosophy!

But, I have immense respect for her as a makeup artist. This woman knows her stuff. To come up with a line that melds into your skintone is no ordinary feat. We all, one time or another, have struggled with foundations that are either too light or too dark. I may not love her products, but if I ever need to look flawlessly natural, I know who to turn to.

I was excited when Bobbi Brown came out with her ultimate makeup manual. This book has been sold out the first few months after it was launched here in Malaysia, and it was almost impossible to get hold of one. I had half the mind to order it online, but I waited until the excitement died down before I trotted over to Bobbi Brown Midvalley to get a copy. She's had a few books out before this, but this one I feel covers from A-Z. Whether your a budding makeup artist, a makeup junkie (like me!), or someone who wears even minimal makeup daily, this book has got you covered.

Although I am not a fan, I wholeheartedly agree with Bobbi Brown: concealers are an essential product in your routine. It can brightened up your face and make your look 'complete'. In fact, she's known for her concealers and correctors. This part of the manual got me seriously thinking of getting a corrector. My undereye circles, courtesy of my deep set eyes, are a constant battle!

My favourite part of the Manual. I *love* bronzers! Even though I am naturally tan, I never leave out bronzers from my makeup routine. It's amazing what the right bronzer can do to your face. This part of the Manual is priceless to me!

Here's a great part of the Manual to help you understand basic makeup applications if your new to it. Although Bobbi stressed that the guide has to be followed step-by-step, I always believe everyone has a unique way or technique that works for them.
The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual retails for RM120 at all Bobbi Brown outlets and selected bookstores.

Happy reading!



Miu said...

i bought the bb manual too :)

Connie De Alwis said...

I can't post a long comment because my bf's bugging me to study for my mid term.. anyway, I agree with YOUR beauty philosophy. Women/girls shouldn't be so afraid of colors. The society only regards colors as weird because of that fear. and browns are normal/safe... I have no problem at all having no makeup on if I actually wanna look like I have no makeup on. Lol! Gimme my eyeliner and mascara any day! said...

Miu: Did you find it informative?

Connie: Amen, Sista! Like you, I get stared at A LOT when I wear a bit more colour on my eyes. It's annoying. But I refuse to conform! Either I go bare faced for the REAL natural look, or it's the bright blue shadow!! :D

Meri L said...

I have Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SP 15, it's quite price, RM 160. But I love it so much and it's worth to buy. Compare to MUFE HD Foundation and Chanel Mat Lumiere, I prefer this one. So far it's my best foundation :) said...

Hi Meri! Isn't it a big relief when you've found a foundation that works for you?? That foundation made me oily and broke me out. sigh. But the colour match was on the dot! Glad it worked for you. Thanks for stoppin by!! :)

Connie De Alwis said...

yay for bright blue shadows!!! <3