Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beauty Binge: Brushes galore!

I love my brushes. I have too many of them, sometimes I even forget I had them! Some people binge on lipsticks, I binge on brushes. Well, brushes and eye shadows. And mascaras. And mineral makeup. OK, you get the idea!

Majority of the brushes I use actively for makeup are from or Personally, I prefer Crownbrush as they have more choices to choose from. Come to think of it, CS gets most of their brushes from Crown anyway, so you can almost guess the quality when you buy from either vendors.

As for my daily brushes, I put them in big ceramic pots stuffed with plastic beads so they stand up and its just easier for me to find them this way. This was inspired by YouTube's Enkore (love him!) video on the Sephora brush holder. As my brush collection grew, those big pots are becoming smaller and crowded. I can't afford to get another ceramic pot, as I am also running out of space to put them!

I bought those pots for RM5 each at Hinode RM5 shop. I couldn't find smaller beads to fill up the pots ( there were some at the craft store but too expensive!), so I settled for those plastic bead fillers you can also get for RM5 a pack at Hinode. These fillers are a little chunky and awkwardly shaped but they do the job. They're also almost weightless so they don't add the weight to the pots as I put them on top of my plastic drawers (which hold my makeup).

The "fillers"

I also throw a lightweight towel over the brushes to avoid dust settling into them, and make sure I deep-clean them every Sunday. Since I have an obscene amount of brushes, this way keeps my makeup area clean and tidy as well.

As you can see, my pots are getting mighty crowded! I had to stick my skunk brushes in another holder just because there is no more space!!

Husband J said those skunk brushes together looked like dead animals on my table!! LOL.

I store my expensive MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes in their respective pouches, tucked far, far away in my drawer. Someday I'll use them. Someday...

One face. And a "thousand" brushes. *sigh* I need to shift my attention into spending on something else (not that I have much $$ to spend on) ... I'm running outta space yo!

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Kahani said...

ooh those bead fillers look perfect! And yes babe you have a huuuuge colleection! =P

Not sure if this suggestion will help, but why don't you take out the plastic beeds from one of the bigger pots and cram all the brushes you don't use regularly in it. Then seperate the ones you do use regularly with the big brushes in the big pot and the smaller eye brushes in the pen stand?

Connie De Alwis said...

that's quite a collection! shocking that they don't include the price brushes. Lol. I'm a big fan of brushes to the point that I find it difficult to settle for fingers when I apply makeup. hehe. but I'm rather in control nowadays. perhaps nothing really caught my eye and I've come to know what I really want and like. said...

Kahani: Believe it or not, I do have another holder for unused brushes... These are the ones I regularly reach for, and their backups, backups for the get the drift. Thanks for the suggestion - I really need to re-organise!

Connie: I only use fingers for concealers. I've stopped buying brushes too. No. I lie. I ordered one more. After this, no more! *fingers crossed!*

nia said...

i lol'ed "someday i'll use them. someday...". sounds so awfully familiar :P

/nia/ said...

Nia: I'm very sure a lot of women can relate! :D Thanks for dropping in!