Monday, July 6, 2009

Beauty Binge: Puss answers.

YIKES!! I have completely forgotten to check my yahoo m@il account! (And there I was, consistently typing in my yahoo email address before my paw signature). Sheeesh! I am such a duffus!!

I did check my inbox quite often in the beginning, but all I ever received was mail from some African "prince" or "millionaire" promising me a lot of money; or from some couple so ill they need my help (money); or from some organization delivering me the "good" news that I have "won 300,000 Pounds!" Really now ... I can't believe there are still people in the world who still fall for these scams!!

So, my sincerest apologies for those of you who have written in and not get anything back, 'till now. I will answer ALL your mail as soon as I can, please bear with me. I could not believe the amount of mail I received! I only started turning this blog into a beauty blog 3 months ago and I really didn't expect to receive such a huge amount of mail. Thank you!

For today's entry, I'll feature *some* of the mail I received, along with my answers. Enjoy!

1. Ernie Linda - "Which brand should i buy if i want to do a simple smokey eye? i also like palettes. can you recommend one? i am a student so i don't have a lot to spend."

Hey Ernie! I like palettes too! They're so much easier to work with especially when your just starting out. You didn't say what colour smokey look you are going for, but I am going to assume you want the traditional smokey of black/charcoal gray. I have 3 palettes in mind. My favourite is from SilkyGirl duo called 'Smokey Spark'. I can't remember the exact price but you can get it well under RM20. This is a silver/charcoal combo and it works fabulously when I want a fuss-free smokey. Just swipe the silver on your lid and the charcoal in the crease, gently smoking it out. Simple. The other palette I like is Revlon's 12-hour palette called 'Sultry Smoke' retailing for RM46. These colours are incredibly intense and dark so you need to be really confident of your smokey-eye application skills. I love using the blue on the lid, charcoal (3rd colour) in my crease and the black as liner; the lightest colour as highlight. Of course you can switch the colours around to your liking. This palette stays on forever! The Elianto Baked shadow in B&W is also something to consider. It's domed shape and better used wet. You can wet your brush with tap water and apply, the colour comes off quite intense! The white is for lids, the charcoal for crease. But like any products used wet, make sure you leave the lid open to dry before storing or else you'll spoil the product.

Silkygirl Smokey Spark. Revlon Sultry Smoke. Elianto baked shadow duo in B&W.

2. Li Ching, Ng - "I started reading your blog from your Laos travel journals and very much enjoyed them. It's so refreshing to find a local who enjoys traveling the rough & tough way. Since you travel this way, do you lug your makeup with you? Just curious."

Li Ching, "do I lug my makeup with me"?? LOL! Not too long ago, I was invited to a wedding of my husband's friend in Bangkok. He married a Thai celeb, so yes, I did lug my makeup with me! The wedding was non-stop partying with tons of paparazzi around so I had to make sure I had my face on, although I was in none of the pictures! LOL! But to places like Laos?? Of course not! Laos is hardly party-central, and although you do find places with thumping loud music filled with partying backpackers, you can get away with just plain ol' lipbalm. I can't imagine lugging my makeup case with me in and out of buses and such! I normally just slap on my sunblock and lipbalm and I'm good to go! Btw, I only started traveling "the rough & tough" way when I started dating Husband J some 4 years ago. He taught me there's more to traveling than just shopping!!

Travel companions: Eucerine White Solution SPF40. Carmex clickstick.

3. Shadowpuppet - "Hi Puss! I think I know who you are!! I used to listen to you every morning on the radio. I was very upset when you left. I've seen you doing shows and it didn't strike me you are 38?? WOW! You are super slim and toned! You don't look more than 30! I'm younger than you but I swear I look older than you :( What's your secret?"

Shadowpuppet, SSSHHHHHHHH!!! Don't lah shout my age so loudly!! Kidding! I have no issues with being 38, 39, 40, 45, 50, 21, 22... heheheheh. Thank you for the compliment. *blush* What's my secret ah? Errrmmmm ... good genes? My mom's over 60 and she doesn't look a day over 50!! She takes care of her skin and health and I think that must've rubbed off on me. I also never leave my house without sunblock of more that SPF20 (anything lower is useless, I think!). But I am certain it also has a lot to do with my workout routine. Instead of wasting my hard-earned money on those useless diet drinks and pills, I invested in a trainer and a gym membership. I've been working out for 5 years now, 3 times a week, consistently. Best damn investment I've made so far. I believe working out is my fountain of youth, and that's what has kept me feel and look the way I do. Anyway, are you sure it was me you saw on stage? ;)

4. Leen - "I want to buy the skunk brush from Maybe the pink or the silver, for liquid foundation. But I hear they are not as good as MAC 187. I don't want to to spend almost RM200 on a brush!! What do you think?"

Leen my dear, search all you want, nothing comes even a close second to MAC 187! So you can forget finding a close dupe! In my opinion, they all suck! I have the pink CS stippling brush, a couple of black ones from Crownbrush, and one I bought from They ALL shed like a mutha and you end up picking up fibers off your face! Keep your money, go to Etude House and get their skunk brush. It's soft, dense and strong enough to stipple liquid foundation without shedding. It's not as big, certainly not a MAC187, but still does a fab job. Retails for RM39.90, you can also use this as a blusher brush.

5. Carol Moretti - "Why don't you do EOTDs or FOTDs?"

Heya Carol! I don't do EOTDs or FOTDs because there are plenty of far more talented people than I am on the World Wide Web. I don't feel I need to add to the number. I'm just gonna stick to reviews - it's what I enjoy doing. Thanks for writing in! :)

6. ElinAA - "Why haven't you enabled your comments function? It's quicker than email."

Hi ElinAA, yeah, I should, huh. Look what happened with my yahoo mail inbox?? Over flowed with messages! sigh. I'm such a noob. I don't like to tinker with the settings because whenever I do, something else goes "poof!", and that will p!ss me off. But that's no excuse. Consider it done! Thanks for bringing this up!

7. Siew92 - "I love reading your blog, but what's your real name?"

Hi Siew92!


Once again, THANK YOU for all your messages. Feel free to drop me a line, I'd *love* to hear from you!

Have a fantabulous day!



Connie De Alwis said...

HAH!!! Finally!! You enabled comments! Lol! You don't know how many times I wanted to comment but then I didn't wanna flood you e-mail. so yay! :D Keep up the good work, Puss! said...

Connie. Heheheheh. It took me a while. I think I am meant to live in the 1930s!! Thanks baby, your my inspiration! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi just found your blog while searching for MAC Studio Fix in Malaysia. Just wanted to let you know I love your makeup and skincare reviews.

plue said...

hello puss!

comments enabled! :D happy! ahak!

me love that EH brush to bits, but I think for cream blushes it picks up way too much product! but it does a darn good job for stippling in foundation :) said...

Anonymous: Owwh.. you just made my day! Thanks so much for droppin by!

Plue: I've never used the EH skunk for cream blush, only powder blush and I love the way it applies. But yep, does a fab job with liquid foundies, tho' I'm still besotted with my ELF Studio Powder Brush! :)