Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beauty Binge: Awesome budget eye makeup removers.

Many moons ago, I would either grab Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or baby oil to clean off eye makeup and mascaras. I'd have a hard time after, trying to wash off the oil slick on my lids! Those were the days! These days, I turn to eye makeup removers that are specifically for that - removing eye makeup.

It is an additional step to taking off your eye makeup before you proceed with cleaning your whole face, but trust me, it's a step that you'll be glad you took, especially if you are fond of wearing waterproof mascaras. How many times have you found mascara residue flakes on your cheeks a couple of days later?? Or a smidgen of eyeliner still stuck to your lids?? I don't know about you, but I am an@l about having every inch of my makeup taken off before I go to bed. That includes clean, mascara-free eyelashes! Truth be told, regardless what your regular facial cleanser promised you, there is no way it can get rid of every trace of eye makeup on its own!! Which is why it's not a crime to add another important step to your makeup removal routine.

Plus, I always believe, if you take time putting on makeup, you should take time taking it off! The eyes are such a sensitive part of the face. Not completely removing your shadow may result in darken eyelids overtime, regardless if you use cheap or expensive shadows and liners. Not cleaning off your mascara properly can cause lashes to drop overtime.

I've tried a few eye makeup removers and so far, am totally smitten with, not one, but two removers!

Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover has been a staple for over 6 months, and I have just finished my third bottle! Although it is oil free, there are two layers of liquid in the bottle that must be shaken to be activated . When shaken, the mixture blends together and creates a formula that removes eye makeup with ease, even waterproof mascara. It does not burn or sting and contains aloe and cucumber extracts to soothe skin. OK, I admit, the two-layer-thing is a little gimmicky, but this stuff does a fabulous job at cleaning off mascaras, even waterproof ones including the impossible-to-clean-off Majolica Majorca mascaras. See the two layers? Shake well before use!

However, this does leave a slight oily residue which thankfully comes off easily when rinsing your face, so that is not an issue with me. I'm not too crazy about the screw-top feature. I've accidental poured too much product on my cotton pad/baby wipes, and have accidental knocked the bottle over into the sink!! Seeing this is not available in Malaysia, imagine my horror! It comes in two sizes; mine's the bigger one and retails for $7 + some change at (US) drugstores.

I've heard many good things about Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. This is pretty straight forward - no two layers of liquid. Just squirt and clean! It comes in one size and retails for almost the same price as the Neutrogena Remover. If your concern of the slight oily feeling on your lids left by Neutrogena, rest assure the Rimmel Removers doesn't. It is gentle like it says on the bottle - no stinging, no burning, doesn't feel harsh, and makes the lids feel clean and comfortable. However, it doesn't take off super-waterproof mascaras i.e. Majolica Mojorca, as easily, and you do need a bit more product to fully wipe it clean. Packaging-wise, I like the flip-open top. It's a lot safer than the Neutrogena screw-top feature. Your chance of spilling this all over your sink is quite minimal! Unfortunately, this is also
not available in Malaysia.
Rimmel's flip-open top's a winner!

For almost the same price, Neutrogena has more product at 162ml for the bigger bottle, while Rimmel has only 125ml. If you'd like to get either online, they are both available at and
Rimmel 125ml. Neutrogena 162ml.

I was a bit bummed about the screw-top issue with Neutrogena, until I tried screwing Rimmel's flip-open top on. Taa-daa! Whaddya know!

Well done Puss!
*Pats on the back* Eheh!

I like Rimmel's remover, but my loyalty is with Neutrogena. Some people have complained of stinging but so far, I have not had any problems! So I think I am going to continue purchasing Neutrogena's remover and maybe switch it up with Rimmel's every now and then. But if you ask me to choose which is better, I can't. I recommend both if your in the market for an effective eye makeup remover that's wallet-friendly.

Thanks so much for droppin' by my blog!