Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Great Weekend Menu

may 25, 08 sunday
The weekend rolled around again, and I was in a mood to cook. After the much embarrassing little argument I had with husband J (read last blog), I put the disputed lamb to good use. I wanted to roast, and I made pretty good roast! Granted it was lamb (husband J has high blood, and I am a weight-watcher), I got my hands dirty and went to work. I went overboard with the garlic though...
The lamb, overstuffed with garlic!
Getting ready for the oven!

The kitchen was smelling of fresh (Thai) rosemary which I plucked from our garden, and the lamb. It made my tummy rumble!

After a bit over an hour in the oven, ready to be carved for dinner!

Taa-daa! Another great success in the kitchen! I added tomatoes, potatoes, onions and carrots (all marinated in herbs and olive oil) and Gravox's Lamb & Rosemary gravy.
Roasted feast!
Husband J and I had a great feed! Great way to end our Saturday!

After yesterday's dinner, I was eager to make another killer meal. This is not my first time making pizza. The first time was a couple of months ago, with tuna and veggies, and it turned out pretty decent. I was sure the second time would turn out even better.
Ever since the first experience making pizza, I had always wanted to make cheese pizza. I found grated cheese topping made out of three different types of cheeses, so I eagerly bought one packet (expensive!). I bought the pizza crusts and decided to make my own tomato base using canned tomato paste mixed with pesto.
So I made 1 small-ish vegetarian pizza, plus 1 small-ish pepperoni+cheese pizza for husband J. The verdict: vegetarian pizza had too much veggies but too little cheese; pepperoni pizza had too much cheese!
So I moved on to my cheese pizza. I have always loved cheese pizza. The best I had was from my university's cafeteria! So I thought, I would give it a go.
Sunday's disaster! Cheese pizza that didn't turn out quite like I expected!

Looked good, tasted awful.

Somehow, the mix of cheese was oily, I couldn't finish not even one slice. It was a disaster! So in the bin it went :(

This failure dented my ego a bit. But I ain't giving it up! There will be more pizzas in the future!