Friday, May 23, 2008

Thank Gawd it's Friday!

may 23, 08 friday
It's been a normal week. Of course normal for me is dragging myself though the week. Monday was Wesak, so the week was slightly shorter. Thank Gawd!

Let's see...

Besides the week being a bit shorter, I noticed one (ugly!) mat salleh ogling at me at the gym. I've seen him off and on only lately. Even Trainer Ela noticed him staring. So hopefully, it wasn't my belly that got his attention (OK, I was trying to be humble).

Certain parts of my body are aching. 'Aunt Flow' will be flowing to town again. I thought this was going back to a long (if not longer) cycle, but looks like it's coming to town by next week. Hope this predictability keeps up.

Ate too much.

Watched the latest Indiana Jones movie. It didn't blow me away. In fact, I didn't like it at all. I was aching to go 45 minutes into the movie. I wanted to like it so badly because I loved all the other ones, but really! In my opinion, it sucks, a tad bit.

American Idol season 7 Finals Performance night saw the younger David Archuletta performing better. Cook was a bit of a disappointment. My heart broke. It seemed pretty clear at that point who will come out the winner.

American Idol season 7 crowned my new boyfriend (!!!) David Cook the winner. Yay! Watched the final show and was completely blown away by George Michael's moving performance of his hit "Praying For Time".


My youngest brother got a scare when his urine mixed with blood. Suspected dengue. My heart sank. Did blood test. Doctor confirmed later that day it wasn't dengue, but urinary tract infection. Thank Gawd! He is recovering well.

Met up with ex-colleague Carol, but only for an hour, maybe less. Haven't seen her since my wedding. Bitched to her about work, and co-worker(s). Thinking now, maybe I should have played it cool. Meeting her up again next Friday for dinner.

Hate work.

Hate work.

Hate work.


Hate work!